I Was Designed This Way

I saw a post recently on social media that really got to me. “If I worked out everyday, would my body look like yours?”

It made me think, is our bodies really supposed to all look alike?

If I went to the gym everyday, cut out all the carbs and calories will I really have the body type that is accepted by society?

I have been on those extreme diets and work out plans, sure I lost weight, but in the end I was still a plus size woman with curves.

I am sure I could have a drastic surgery that forces my body to change into a different body shape. I also know that comes with a lot of suffering and who is to say to say that in the end my body won’t reject the change and slowly form back into the shape I am supposed to be.

I am comfortable saying that I do not exercise enough and that is a something I would like to work on. Not to change the way I look, but for my overall health. For my daughter, who I have to be able to lift everyday and for my family.

I am also aware that I need to eat healthier. That is not saying that I eat unhealthy all the time or eat any differently than most Americans. Convenient foods have become a commodity in many households and I am working on providing my family with more home cooked meals, with veggies.

With all that said, do I expect to ever be a size 0 with zero curves? No, I am comfortable saying that MY body type will always be bigger than the typical average woman. I am okay with that.

I truly believe God made us in ALL shapes and sizes. Would you tell a taller than average person they need to shrink?

I am the way God made me an I know HE will help me be a healthier version, not only for myself, but for my family.

Sure, I will have days where I look in the mirror and grab that fat roll and scream “go away”, but body shaming is something that most of go through. We always see whats wrong with our bodies, instead of embracing the beauty that God created.

Be proud to be different. Accept the body you were given and stop trying to be the stereotype of what society says you should be.

God doesn’t make mistakes, we are all beautiful, in every shape, size and color.

Own it!!

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