Acts of Kindness

Christmas is the time of year for giving. Unfortunately, we get so wrapped up in the wants and needs of our kids, that we forget to give to others in need.

Christmas can be a very hard time for some. Whether it is not having enough money to have Christmas, memories of a loved one lost at Christmas time or being alone for Christmas.

So I think it is important to remember those that are suffering through the holiday time. Just one act of kindness towards another can make this holiday so much better for someone.

*Send a Christmas Card


With all the technology, we tend to forget we can still use the Post Office and send a card. It is so much easier to send a mass “MERRY CHRISTMAS” on social media, but it touches the heart more to actually receive a card. I try to send a Christmas card out every year with pictures of my family, but I too have been guilty of not sending Christmas cards. I received one card this year and let me tell you, it meant so much to open that card. To know that someone thought of me and my family enough to send a card, that is priceless.

*Box of Treats

christmas cookies giftboxedit1

Sometimes the sweetest gesture is SWEETS. If you are going to be doing Christmas baking anyways, why not box some up and give to others. I personally like to make Christmas candy and package them up for my neighbors, and I look forward to the treats I get from them as well. Another sweet gesture is wrapping up some Christmas cookies for your local Post Man and putting them in the mailbox for them to retrieve.

* Donations


There are so many families that won’t be able to have Christmas this year because they cannot afford it. I know that my husband and I have struggled in the past to make ends meet at Christmas and would have loved the help. So donating to local charities or even finding a family in need that you can help, can make some little kids Christmas a lot better.

* Let Someone know You are Thinking of Them


If you know of someone struggling this Holiday season, just let them know you are thinking of them. Sometimes that smallest gesture can bring them out of a hole they have fallen in at Christmas.

* Just be nice


Sounds simple enough, right? Well unfortunately there are many that make Christmas time a nightmare. I get it, we are all stressed, but spread a little holiday cheer instead of stealing Christmas joy like the Grinch. If I am a grouch and hate that I have to be last minute shopping, I will at least give you a smile and a Merry Christmas when you ram my basket. Even if I want to throat punch you.

* Visit a Nursing Home or Hospital


There are so many elderly people in nursing homes that may not have anybody visit them on Christmas. Just a simple Christmas card and a Merry Christmas will lift their spirits and show them that someone does care about them. There is also so many in hospitals this time of year, so the same can apply to them. They may need some holiday joy to lift their spirits.

There are so many things you can do at Christmas to spread some love around. These are just a few things, the list goes on and on.

Just remember Christmas is about giving, not just to your kids and close family. It is supposed to be a time we all share with one another and show love towards one another. 

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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