Mom Burnout

Have you ever felt tired of the mom life? Feeling as if the only thing you do in life is take care of everybody else?

Then you have the mom guilt, for feeling these feelings of mom burnout.

You are not alone!

For the past month I have felt the mama blues, and find it hard to just be happy.

I wake up everyday to the same messes in my house. Dirty clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, laundry to wash and fold. Then I walk past that bathroom mirror with toothpaste splatters across it and think ” why should I even clean it, it will be dirty again tomorrow.” Then I spiral into a World of self pity.

I start to wonder if this is all my life will ever be, cleaning the toothpaste off of the mirror for the rest of my life?

How do you overcome these feelings of emptiness and self pity?

I have thought about this a lot here lately. I don’t want my kids to remember me as the crazy, depressed mom, that at time holds resentment towards them for having to be a mom 24/7.

I want them to remember me as a fun, happy mom!

So, what do I do about this?

I have complied a list of what I am going to try to get my life out of the gutter and stop the Mom Burnout.

Me Time

This is so important! We moms forget to have “me time“. We focus so much energy on doing everything for our families so that they can be happy, we forget about our happiness. Believe me there is no happy home without a happy wife/mom.

Whether you read a good book or you binge a new series on TV. Take the time everyday to do something you want to do.


I hear so many good things about that thing called exercise, but I never just take the time to do it. Okay, it may be a little laziness on my part, but I think I am ready to start exercising this frustration away.

More Friend Time

It has occurred to me that I cannot remember the last time I had a Mom night out with friends or even a lunch date with a friend. I get so consumed in life, I forget I have friends. Remember your friends ladies, support each other and have more friend time.

Fun Hobbies

This kind of goes with “me time”, but I am going to find a hobby that I enjoy. I use to enjoy baking, but now I do it so much for my family that I don’t enjoy it as much.

Find a hobby that does not benefit anybody but YOU!

Be Selfish

It is okay for us moms to be selfish sometimes! We give so much of our time to our family, why not do more for yourself. Go shopping just for stuff for you, get your hair done, get that pedicure or massage you have been wanting.

If you don’t think of yourself sometime, you feel resentful to your family and that leads to that mom guilt.

Teach Your Family to Help More

This is a tough one for me. I have been guilty of not making my family do more for their selves . I would rather pick up the laundry myself and not argue about it, but my family DOES need to help out more.

In the end they make not like me as much, but they will show more respect for all the things that I do for them.

Enjoy Family Time

After I take some much needed mommy breaks and think about myself for once, I am hopeful I can get back to enjoying time with my family. We do all this for them anyways, might as well enjoy every minute with them.

I am looking forward to beating the “mom funk” and getting back to the mom and wife I want to be.

I hope some of these mom tips can help you if you feel the mom burnout coming on.

Don’t forget to give yourself a break and don’t feel bad about the mom burnout, it happens to the best of us!


Support Your Stay at Home Moms and Small Businesses

Through this Covid pandemic, so many have lost their jobs or are having trouble keeping their small businesses going.

There are so many women out there just trying to make ends meet, whether it be online sales, small business, or blogging.

Now, I know some of you might think “I have to go to work everyday to make a living, why shouldn’t they have to?” Well, I have some great reasons why you should support stay at home moms and small business owners.

Some cannot afford childcare

Childcare can be really expensive and some families cannot afford the added expense, especially single mothers. A lot of stay at home moms would love to have a career of their own, outside of the home, but staying home for their children is more important. So supporting their business helps them provide for their families.

Having a special needs child

I personally, have a special needs child that needs my care daily, so going into the workforce is hard. Even if you find someone to watch your child, you still have to miss work for doctor appointments, therapy appointments or sick days. I would love to be out in the world, fulfilling my dreams, but my daughter comes first.

They work hard for their business

I know from experience that running your own business can be hard work. You have to spend hours advertising and showing the products. I know you may think it’s a annoying getting Facebook party invites from your friends selling their products, but a lot of work goes into those parties and it all you have to do is host or join.

This is their 2nd job

For some moms, running a small business or selling online may be their 2nd job. They may not be making enough money at their job to make ends meet so they have to find ways to make extra income. I don’t know how they do it, but I see moms that have to work a full day and still come home, tend to their family and spend hours on their online business.

You are going to buy products anyways

If you are going to be buying these products anyways, why not buy from someone you know sells the items you are looking for. Instead of going to big franchises, go local and support the little people. I don’t think you should just spend money you don’t have to support your small biz owners, but if your going to spend the money, go with someone that needs that extra income.

Ways you can support stay at home moms or small biz

Personally, I love writing, and blogging has helped me fulfill my dream of writing to the world, while staying home with Ciara. Unfortunately, blogging doesn’t pay, so sometimes I advertise affiliate links to help me provide for my family. Everytime you shop from any link I advertise I can get paid a commission and can continue to share my writing and maybe hopefully fulfill my dream of writing my own book. Of coarse, I don’t expect anybody to just buy things they don’t need, but if you are going to be purchasing any items I have a link for, it helps bloggers to be able to continue blogging.

Hosting parties or just joining parties helps online sales and just sharing posts can help get their products out there. It doesn’t cost you anything just to support them and share their products.

Next time you are looking for a photographer, baked goods, apparel, or cosmetics, think about the people you know that sells locally. They will appreciate your business more than big businesses.

I know some great small businesses if you need help finding products!