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New Year, New Me

Every year at the end of the one year and the beginning of a new one, we see everyone making their New Years Resolutions. To lose weight, get their finances in order or to find their soul mate.

I personally hate resolutions, it puts so much pressure on me to strive to succeed in the coming year. So when I do not achieve my goals, I feel like a total loser.

For 2020 I will not be joining a new gym or buying the latest weight loss products, I simply choose a better me for 2020.

Here is my list of my not so resolutions for the new year.

  • I will love myself no matter my size.
  •  I will value my time and have more ME time
  •  I will stop being a people pleaser and put myself first.
  •  I will not change who I am for others to like me.
  •  I will appreciate the friends that I have and spend more time with them.
  •  I will balance being a mother and wife without losing myself in the process.
  •  I will stress less and enjoy life more.
  •  I will learn to love myself unconditionally, mind, body and soul.

This year I hope to find who I really am, not what others want me to be. I will be selfish and think of myself a little more. The most important of them all is I hope by the time 2020 comes to an end, that I can truly say I love everything about myself, and can help others to see their beauty as well.

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Promote Self Love

Why is making adult friends so hard? Seriously, it is worse than high school! At least in high school I had a group of friends I could really depend on, but as an adult I find it really hard to find true friends. True friends that don’t tear me down but build me up.

Why do we have to bring each other down and judge each other? We have enough to worry about as women, why do we have to make life harder on other women?

I know I have been judged by other women. Maybe because of my weight or maybe because I don’t have enough money. Maybe they think I am lazy and just sit and eat all day because I am a stay at home mom. They would be wrong! I take care of a special needs adult (my daughter), a thirteen year old boy, and a husband. I keep a clean house, keep up with doctor appointments, grocery shopping, therapy and I lead a special needs girl scout troop. Some may never know that because they judged me before they knew me and instantly made me question if i was worth it. When people won’t even take the time to get to know you, it hurts your self esteem.

It hurts worse when people that do know you, judge you or bring your self esteem down. I know as women we may want what others have or we don’t feel good enough so we make other women feel bad about themselves. That has to stop! I truly believe we should be lifting each other up and promoting other woman to love themselves. In the end I think we will find more love for ourselves.

Years ago I lost my very best friend to a drug overdose. She had insecurities within herself which led her to drugs. I constantly think about her and what if I had tried to build her self esteem up instead of judging her. I loved her very much but sometimes I did feel she was prettier than me, and my insecurities kept me from telling her how truly beautiful I thought she was. I will never know if I could have helped her and I do not want anymore what ifs in my life. I choose to stop judging other woman and build other woman up!

I encourage you to think about other women that have come into your life, and you rejected them because you did not think they were good enough. Put the judgement aside and truly get to know them for who they are. Stop being one of the reasons women hate their self and be the reason they love their self.

Promote self love not hate!


Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life

Welcome to my Blog Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life!

Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life is a blog I created to promote Self Love and No Body Shaming.

Over the years, I have discovered so many other topics that I enjoy writing about. While this blog does still focus on body positivity, I also like to share on many other topics. Such as, Family, Holidays, Fashions, Crafts and DIYs, and so much more.

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