Fall Fashion Must Haves

If you are like me, and are sick of the heat, you cannot wait for Fall to get here.

Here in Texas it is still in the triple digits, so wearing my favorite Fall Fashions will have to wait a bit longer. But who says you can’t shop for Fall while it is still hotter than Satan’s toenails??

I am loading up my shopping cart with the anticipation of bonfires, pumpkin spice everything and watching leaves fall from the trees.

Here is a list of some great Fall Fashion Must Haves.

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Fall Everyday Wear

Curvy New Thoughts Duster
Trend Spotted Hoodie
Curvy Ride or Die-Back
Curvy Ride or Die-Front
Discover me Cardigan- Leopard Print

This total outfit is the cutest!

Don’t Mind me Top
Taupe Dakota Bootie
On a Roll Tie Dye Shirt
Dancing With You Curvy Top
Curvy Getting Carried Away

Graphic Tees

I seriously want ALL of the Graphic Tees!

Hello Darlin Bleached Graphic Tee
I Want Candy Graphic Tee
Texas Beauty Tee
Pumpkin Spice Sippin Graphic Tee
Outlaw Graphic Tee
Fall For Jesus Graphic Tee
Cheetah Pumpkin Graphic Tee
Boom Roasted Graphic Tee
Psychedelic Lips Graphic Tee
Sunflower Graphic Tee
Game Day Graphic Tee
Savage Lips Graphic Tee
Savanna Bootie- Leopard Print

Lounge Wear

Down For Love Curvy Lounge Wear

I could totally see myself snuggling next to a fire with a pumpkin spice latte and watching Hocus Pocus with this lounge wear.

Do you see why I have a shopping addiction?? I finally found a Boutique that has cute, true to size plus size clothes, and now I can’t stop SHOPPING!

Of coarse Glitzy girlz boutique has so so much more great styles, these are just my Fall Faves. Check them out and see all their amazing apparel and if you sign up for e-mails they will give you 10% off your first order!

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Insecurities Can Affect your Marriage

Insecurities affect more than just your own life, it affects your marriage as well. When you do not love truly love yourself, how do you expect to accept the love of another person??

I have been with  my husband for almost 19 years now. We met as teenagers and have basically grown up together. He accepted a single teenage mother to be the love of his life, but yet I cannot accept that he truly loves me.

My body insecurities have caused many problems in our marriage. Of coarse not ALL of our problems stem from my insecurities, but I know if I loved myself more I would be a better wife for him.

My insecurities for myself really started after having my son. I gained a lot of weight and I still have not lost the weight from before him. And he is 13! Sometimes I feel like such a failure that I cannot just lose the weight and feel better about myself, and I think my husband must be so disappointed in me. My mind wonders if he wishes he could have the girl he fell in love with back, that young blonde with a decent body.

He reassures me that he still thinks I am pretty and my weight does not bother him, but my mind tells me he cannot be telling the truth. He sees the same me I see in the mirror and that me is disgusting.  So I may roll my eyes or say something sarcastically when he compliments me , because I cannot believe he would see something different than I see in the mirror. That greatly affects our marriage, because he thinks his opinion does not matter and he is being of accused of lying.

My insecurities also affect our intimacy, because I do not want him to see me naked. I make excuses or just go to bed and that really hurts his feelings because he starts to feel he is not good enough. And that truly breaks my heart because it is my fault he feels that way. And we all know the thoughts us ladies have when you know you are giving your husband lovins, our first thought is he will go find it elsewhere. Now I know my husband would not do that to me, but it does not mean my brain does not think about it. My brain tells me “he will find a girl with a better body, and you will be alone forever”.  

I have let my insecurities within myself have control for too long! I will not let them destroy my marriage and my family. I am going to believe my husband when he tells me I am beautiful and I am going to tell myself that every time I look in the mirror. “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”. 

I may not lose weight, some things are just out of my control , but I can control ME and I am going to love myself no matter the size I am! I am going to embrace my curves and embrace my husband!

If you are letting your insecurities control you marriage, it is not too late to regain control. Start by telling yourself “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”, and then truly believe it because YOU ARE!