Trying to Keep up with Trends

With all the new social media apps, it's no surprise that we get caught up in all the new "trends". For me, personally, I am always trying different makeup products or changing my skin care routine because of new "trends". A new trend that I am kind of obsessed with is decorating my house for... Continue Reading →

Putting My Dreams on Hold

When I was young, I always dreamed of being a writer. I would write short stories. Mostly horror since Stephen King and R.L Stine were my favorite Authors. At Fifteen, my dreams took a shift. I was blessed with an amazing little angel, but because of a medical mistake, my daughter suffered from seizures. Which... Continue Reading →

Mom Burnout

Have you ever felt tired of the mom life? Feeling as if the only thing you do in life is take care of everybody else? Then you have the mom guilt, for feeling these feelings of mom burnout. You are not alone! For the past month I have felt the mama blues, and find it... Continue Reading →

Mom at 15

I became a mother at the ripe young age of Fifteen. Now as an adult and mother of Two children, I sit back and think "wow, I really was still a baby, having a baby". I see my children at the same age I was when I was pregnant and think to myself "There is... Continue Reading →

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