My Perfect Imperfect Life

I started perfectly imperfect plus life blog a few years ago, as kind of a hobby. To inspire other plus size women to embrace their natural beauty and promote self love. I have decided I want to take my blog more serious and get more content out there for all of you. Since I am... Continue Reading →

Big Girl Rant

Did you know that there really is people that have a fat phobia? They think being fat is the worst thing that could happen to a person. Ok, so I get that being 600 pounds is unhealthy, but so is being 90 pounds. Who wrote the rule book that we all have to be one... Continue Reading →

I Was Designed This Way

I saw a post recently on social media that really got to me. "If I worked out everyday, would my body look like yours?" It made me think, is our bodies really supposed to all look alike? If I went to the gym everyday, cut out all the carbs and calories will I really have... Continue Reading →

This is Me

It has recently occurred to me that I spend a lot of time and energy putting on a persona that is not me. Maybe because Social Media has become such big parts of our lives and our whole lives can be broadcast, we feel we have to keep up with the Jones'. I may purposely... Continue Reading →

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