My Perfect Imperfect Life

I started perfectly imperfect plus life blog a few years ago, as kind of a hobby. To inspire other plus size women to embrace their natural beauty and promote self love.

I have decided I want to take my blog more serious and get more content out there for all of you.

Since I am a minimalist mom on a budget, I’ve decided to share my budget friendly crafts and Diys.

My life isn’t perfect, I don’t have a perfect house, perfect kids, perfect husband and we barely scrape by every month financially. But I hope I can inspire others to love their imperfect lives.

Since being a mom is a big part of my life, I will be sharing mom life hacks and resources for other special needs mom’s out there.

My only mission is to inspire! Inspire you to love yourself, inspire you to know your worth.

I am super excited to share more content with you all and I’m super thankful for all of my followers.

Thank you for following perfectly imperfect plus life. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook for life updates.


Big Girl Rant

Did you know that there really is people that have a fat phobia? They think being fat is the worst thing that could happen to a person.

Ok, so I get that being 600 pounds is unhealthy, but so is being 90 pounds.

Who wrote the rule book that we all have to be one size.

I started gaining weight in 5th grade. I was just like every other kid, full of energy and very active. I didn’t eat much either. Can you tell me at that young age, I did anything wrong and chose to be fat??

I honestly believe God made us all shape and sizes for a reason.

Does that mean we should gorge out and eat whole pizzas?? No! But I can tell you it seems I can breathe air and gain weight, so who are they to judge me because of my weight.

Can being overweight be unhealthy? Sure, but can you tell me skinny people are completely healthy?

I know big people with high blood pressure and skinny people with high blood pressure.

Everyone is so fast to blame weight on everything, when you can’t tell me skinny people never get the same illness.

I recently found out one of my big girl inspirations, was thinking about weight loss surgery. Talk about a slap in the face. She inspired me to be happy as a big girl and to love my body and now she wants to change her body!

It starts making me think “is everybody right about being fat?” ” should fat people not exist?” “Should we be extinct?”

Well my answer is No! We are who we are meant to be! I can diet, lose a few pounds, but I will always be chunky.

I can go to the extreme to have weight loss surgery, but if God wants me to be a plus size woman, that weight is coming back.

I know all the fat phobia people will be yelling “your unhealthy.” Ok, how healthy are you?? Worry about you boo boo!

Stop the fat shaming and worry about yourself! We are not hurting anybody by existing.

So in conclusion, don’t let anybody tell you what your body should look like. Don’t let fat haters, make you hate yourself.

We are not disgusting creatures, we are beautiful!


I Was Designed This Way

I saw a post recently on social media that really got to me. “If I worked out everyday, would my body look like yours?”

It made me think, is our bodies really supposed to all look alike?

If I went to the gym everyday, cut out all the carbs and calories will I really have the body type that is accepted by society?

I have been on those extreme diets and work out plans, sure I lost weight, but in the end I was still a plus size woman with curves.

I am sure I could have a drastic surgery that forces my body to change into a different body shape. I also know that comes with a lot of suffering and who is to say to say that in the end my body won’t reject the change and slowly form back into the shape I am supposed to be.

I am comfortable saying that I do not exercise enough and that is a something I would like to work on. Not to change the way I look, but for my overall health. For my daughter, who I have to be able to lift everyday and for my family.

I am also aware that I need to eat healthier. That is not saying that I eat unhealthy all the time or eat any differently than most Americans. Convenient foods have become a commodity in many households and I am working on providing my family with more home cooked meals, with veggies.

With all that said, do I expect to ever be a size 0 with zero curves? No, I am comfortable saying that MY body type will always be bigger than the typical average woman. I am okay with that.

I truly believe God made us in ALL shapes and sizes. Would you tell a taller than average person they need to shrink?

I am the way God made me an I know HE will help me be a healthier version, not only for myself, but for my family.

Sure, I will have days where I look in the mirror and grab that fat roll and scream “go away”, but body shaming is something that most of go through. We always see whats wrong with our bodies, instead of embracing the beauty that God created.

Be proud to be different. Accept the body you were given and stop trying to be the stereotype of what society says you should be.

God doesn’t make mistakes, we are all beautiful, in every shape, size and color.

Own it!!

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This is Me

It has recently occurred to me that I spend a lot of time and energy putting on a persona that is not me. Maybe because Social Media has become such big parts of our lives and our whole lives can be broadcast, we feel we have to keep up with the Jones’. I may purposely not post random events in my life trying to keep up this persona and only post a glamourous life, that is not glamourous.

It is actually very stressful if you think about it, trying to be someone you are not and trying to keep up with other people. It makes me a miserable person trying to live beyond my means when I am honestly okay with what I have.

So this is ME.


*I am a little on the Trashy Side

I am a down home country girl. I have lived in the country for most of my life and still do. I do not live in a fancy housing edition and my lawn is not perfectly landscaped, heck I am lucky if my 3 acres is mowed. I  walk around bare foot most the time and love the peace and quiet of it all. I do enjoy a glass of wine on my patio with the alluring smell of cow manure from the cow lot across the street.



* I am just fine with Off Brand

Somewhere along the way I started to feel as if I needed designer things. Like my purses were not good enough or my clothes, when in all honesty I am perfectly fine with a Wal-mart purse and thrift stores. Heck most my clothes growing up were from Garage Sales and I still love me some Garage Sales. I do not need designer products to make me happy, it is just material objects and I love me some good deals!

FYI, if you come to my house you will find Great Value food, if you don’t know that that is, you might not want to visit.



* I don’t need the finer things in life

I really don’t understand why we kill ourselves keeping up appearances. I mean I am one of those people out there wanting things I cannot afford and pouting when I cannot afford it. But why? For instance, I have an above ground pool and avoid inviting people over because of the shame of not having an inground pool. In my neighborhood growing up if you had an above ground pool from Wal-Mart, you were the rich kid. And my pool is actually a good above ground pool, so I am doing pretty good.

I don’t have brand new appliances, most the time I find used ones and they are just fine with me. Our camper is old and so small if someone toots it will clear the whole camper out, but we worked hard to get that tiny camper and I love it!



* I am a Horror Freak

This year I noticed after I had decorated for Fall in my house, that I had left all the scary décor out and only had pretty Fall décor. That is soo not me, but I wanted to be able to post cute, pretty Fall pictures, like everyone else was. The real me wants you to feel like you are walking into a Haunted House when you enter my home in October. I want people to wonder what is wrong with me.

For some reason I just let myself get caught up in what I thought others wanted me to be. I love horror movies (the scarier the better), Haunted Houses and scary costumes!



* I am not a fan of Starbucks or Target

Okay so I may lose some of you on this one. I know there will be eye rolling and “girl please” with this one, but just saying I don’t see the obsession. I have taken my kids to Starbucks a couple of times and of coarse snapped that pic for Social Media, but really I  was not impressed with the coffee. Now at Cooks Children Hospital when you are waiting for your child to have a procedure, the Starbucks does come in handy.

And for Target, it is not nearby for me and not convenient for me to do my shopping there. I am all about Wal-Mart, it is located close to me and I know where everything is. I actually just started doing the online grocery pickup and I looove it!! So yeah, I don’t see the Target obsession.



* I don’t do Fancy

I like to dress up and wear makeup, but I really am not into Fancy living. My family and I love our usual restaurants and they are not fancy. We just don’t fit in with the fancier life. I would rather have cheap costume jewelry rather than Diamonds and I will take my redneck husband in his cut off shirt over a man in a suit.




* My Family Is Not Perfect

Most of the time I avoid posting my real family. I am not ashamed of them by no means, but I post what I think others would be impressed with.

Where I live sports are a big thing, and my son is just not that into them right now. I get aggravated with him for not wanting to play, when in reality I just want to fit in with the other moms. Not anymore, my son can be who he wants to be and I am proud of him. He does not make all A’s but he passes and I am okay with that.

My husband does not make a ton of money but he works hard for every penny he earns and he provides for us. I am completely okay with my redneck husband and whatever job he wants to work.

My daughter is special needs and even in the special needs world you can get caught up with appearance. I worry I don’t have her in enough therapy or I am not doing enough with her to help her, because other moms are doing more. But in all honesty my daughter is tired of all the therapy and me signing her up for things she is not interested in. I am going to let her decide from now on, on what she wants to do. Well maybe with a few of her life decisions, if I leave it up to her she would sit at grandma’s house everyday getting spoiled. I am proud of who she is and what she can accomplish.

So in conclusion, I have a pretty good life and I am going to start enjoying it. I am done worrying about what others have and what others may think of my not so normal life.

I am blessed to have what I have and to be who I am.