Wheelchair Accessible Summer Activities

Summer time is here and kids are out of school. Finding activites that our kids in wheelchairs can participate can be frustrating. Until the whole World decides to be wheelchair accessible, we are limited to what we can do with Ciara but that doesn't mean we don't have our favorite summer time activites. Here are... Continue Reading →

Social distancing and 4th of July

With the gloomy covid 19 vastly spreading, social distancing is more important than ever. This year celebrating the 4th of July may bring more challenges as we try to maintain our distance from others and stay safe. Parades and firework shows will be canceled to keep Americans safe. That doesn't mean we cannot celebrate our... Continue Reading →

Birthdays During Quarantine

Birthdays are so special for our little ones and special for us parents, to throw that magical birthday party that they will remember a lifetime. My son's birthday is coming up and I was feeling sad that we most likely will still be quarantined when his birthday gets here. It saddens me that we will... Continue Reading →

Boredom Busters for Teenagers

With the widespread coronavirus pandemic schools have closed, which means our children are stuck at home with us. This is a very troubling time for us, and even more stressful not knowing what we should be doing with our children. This is different then the summer break kids get at the end of the school... Continue Reading →

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