My Favorite Holiday Looks

I know there may not be a lot going on this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your holiday outfits.

Whether it’s holiday looks for your family Christmas photos or just an outfit to slay Christmas at home. I have some hot looks for you this holiday season.

How cute is this outfit! This would be perfect for holiday photos.

This outfit would be perfect for a casual Christmas look.

How adorable is this outfit. Burgundy is a great color for the holidays.

This buffalo plaid hoodie would be a great look for all that Christmas shopping.

This burgundy and leopard top is seriously on my wishlist this Christmas!

Another top that is on my Christmas wishlist. Look at those sparkles!

Christmas graphic tees are a must have this holiday season.

This dress is perfect for all those Christmas parties!

Don’t forget about New Years! These looks are perfect for bringing in the New Year!

I hope you enjoy these holiday looks as much as I do!

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Fall Fashion Must Haves

If you are like me, and are sick of the heat, you cannot wait for Fall to get here.

Here in Texas it is still in the triple digits, so wearing my favorite Fall Fashions will have to wait a bit longer. But who says you can’t shop for Fall while it is still hotter than Satan’s toenails??

I am loading up my shopping cart with the anticipation of bonfires, pumpkin spice everything and watching leaves fall from the trees.

Here is a list of some great Fall Fashion Must Haves.

If you like these styles, use my link to help me earn commission.

Fall Everyday Wear

Curvy New Thoughts Duster
Trend Spotted Hoodie
Curvy Ride or Die-Back
Curvy Ride or Die-Front
Discover me Cardigan- Leopard Print

This total outfit is the cutest!

Don’t Mind me Top
Taupe Dakota Bootie
On a Roll Tie Dye Shirt
Dancing With You Curvy Top
Curvy Getting Carried Away

Graphic Tees

I seriously want ALL of the Graphic Tees!

Hello Darlin Bleached Graphic Tee
I Want Candy Graphic Tee
Texas Beauty Tee
Pumpkin Spice Sippin Graphic Tee
Outlaw Graphic Tee
Fall For Jesus Graphic Tee
Cheetah Pumpkin Graphic Tee
Boom Roasted Graphic Tee
Psychedelic Lips Graphic Tee
Sunflower Graphic Tee
Game Day Graphic Tee
Savage Lips Graphic Tee
Savanna Bootie- Leopard Print

Lounge Wear

Down For Love Curvy Lounge Wear

I could totally see myself snuggling next to a fire with a pumpkin spice latte and watching Hocus Pocus with this lounge wear.

Do you see why I have a shopping addiction?? I finally found a Boutique that has cute, true to size plus size clothes, and now I can’t stop SHOPPING!

Of coarse Glitzy girlz boutique has so so much more great styles, these are just my Fall Faves. Check them out and see all their amazing apparel and if you sign up for e-mails they will give you 10% off your first order!

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Curvy Girl Do’s and Don’ts

When you are a curvy girl, clothes that work for less curvy girls, do not work for us. Over the many years of being a plus-size woman, I have learned some do’s and don’ts with clothing styles.

These are my opinions and what works for my body type.

Baby Doll Shirts



High wasted baby doll shirts do not work for women with bigger boobs. They cut through our boobs making it look like we have an extra section of fat above our belly.




Low wasted baby doll shirts will draw more attention to your midsection and make you look larger.




Find a baby doll shirt that is cinched under the boobs and above the belly. It will accentuate your boob area and make you look thinner.



Shark Hem Tops



When I wear shorter shark hem shirts, all it does is make my hips look bigger. They tend to hug the hips, so if you have big hips like me, stay away from short shark hem tops.




If you like the look of an uneven hemline, look for longer shark hem tops. They won’t hug your hips and flow more to add a more thinning effect.


images (4)


Avoid thin horizontal stripes, they add more width to your body, hence making you look bigger.




Try wearing vertical stripes to give the illusion of being taller, if you are a shorty like me, and they make you seem thinner.

Short Sleeves



If you have larger arms, like me, avoid shirts that cut your arm off right on the flab. Shorter sleeves just make my big ole arms look even bigger and flabbier.




Find shirts with long sleeves, that fall below the biggest part of your arm.





Dresses that have weird waistlines always make me look like a pumpkin. I just look frumpy. Avoid dresses that are straight-lined and cinched in awkward places.




I love a flowing maxi dress. It hides all my unwanted curves and gives me freedom.




Ruffles can add unwanted volume to your body. I always avoid tops that have ruffles in places that I don’t want more volume, such as boobs and tummy.



If you like ruffles, find tops where the ruffles are in the right places. I love ruffled sleeves or an off the shoulder ruffle shirt is great.






Too many patterns on your body can add so much weight. I like to avoid prints that have a lot going on or different patterns, such as stripes and flowers.




Find patterns that accentuate your body. Stay away from bold prints and add more subtle prints. I love me some Leopard print, but too much can be a bad thing.

Curvy Girl Must-Haves



I love Kimonos! They hide my hips and add extra to my outfits.



images (2)


Camis are great for us bigger girls. Sometimes shirts are just not long enough to cover the ole tummy, and camis come in handy to cover what I don’t want to be seen.


images (3)

Graphic Tee Shirts

Graphic T-shirts are great to have. You can mix and match, wear a jacket, vest or kimono. You can dress it in a skirt, wedges and jacket, or wear pants and tennis shoes. I love having a bunch of graphic t-shirts on hand.

That is all the Do’s and Don’t I have, for now, make sure to follow me for more Curvy girl style tips and tricks!

I hope you all enjoyed my Curvy Girl Do’s and Don’ts and can use some of my tips.