Don’t Let Your Past Define You

Recently I have noticed the younger generation making excuses for the way they behave. Blaming every little thing they have encountered in their past for the bad decisions they make. If everyone let their past dictate their future, we would have very little successful people in the World. I know for me, I could sit... Continue Reading →

10 Truths About Me

Here lately it has occurred to me that most people in my life do not know the real me. I am not fake or two faced, but I do hide parts of me that I feel people would not like. After the current year we all faced and the uncertainty of how long we all... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Beat Depression

Depression sucks, plain and simple! I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a very long time, and I am done with it controlling my life. Today I turned 36 and while some people feel happiness for their Birthday, I feel sadness. Sadness to be another year older, sadness for all I didn't accomplish in... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Holiday Anxiety

Christmas is really the most magical and beautiful time of year. It is also the most stressful. Between finding those must have gifts, crowds everywhere and juggling all the Christmas parties and activities. It can be a bit too much for those of us who suffer from Anxiety, heck I think it can be overwhelming... Continue Reading →

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