My Perfect Imperfect Life

I started perfectly imperfect plus life blog a few years ago, as kind of a hobby. To inspire other plus size women to embrace their natural beauty and promote self love. I have decided I want to take my blog more serious and get more content out there for all of you. Since I am... Continue Reading →

Putting My Dreams on Hold

When I was young, I always dreamed of being a writer. I would write short stories. Mostly horror since Stephen King and R.L Stine were my favorite Authors. At Fifteen, my dreams took a shift. I was blessed with an amazing little angel, but because of a medical mistake, my daughter suffered from seizures. Which... Continue Reading →

My Accessibility Dreams

When you have a child in a wheelchair or if you yourself are in a wheelchair, you notice accessibility problems in OUR World. Most people never notice these problematic situations, unless you have experienced such problems. I know that I never noticed accessibility problems until I had a special needs child. In a perfect world,... Continue Reading →

Accepting Help

Recently my life has been turned upside down. Between my mom getting sick, my daughter starting her first job and the million other things going on in my life. I have realized that I need help! Why is it so hard to ask for help or accept help from others? I am the worst about... Continue Reading →

How to find the Best Vacation Rentals

Using apps such as VRBO, Air BnB, and Homeaway have become increasingly popular. Many people are moving away from Hotels and instead choosing a more "home feel" vacation rental. I have been using such apps for many years. I find that vacation homes are more private and comfortable. Through my many vacation house rentals, I... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Grief

My family recently lost two amazing people due to Covid-19. In August we learned that my husband's cousin and her husband were being admitted to the hospital because of covid complications. Not even a month later they both were taken away from us. The pain was unreal, like we were living a nightmare. Anger set... Continue Reading →

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