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Love your Body

It has occurred to me that I have lost sight of why I started this blog, to try to open the eyes of the world that big women are beautiful! Also, for big women to see their true beauty while I also learn to love my body the way it is.

I still love blogging about being a mom and family life, but I want to focus back on my mission, for people to accept plus size people.

I have a lot to say on this topic so I may be a bit scattered brained, but bare with me.

I can honestly say that I love being a plus size woman. Am I happy with my body 100% of the time…no. I would love to lose about 50 pounds and get in better shape so that I can take better care of my my disabled daughter. Will I ever be skinny?? No. Nor do I care about being skinny. Not that there is anything wrong with being skinny, I was just not meant to be a smaller woman.

I have always been on the chunky side, since I was a child. I was a very active kid , I played sports and took dance. I ate what every other kid was eating, but I gained weight more than the other kids.


When I was in 5th grade, kids at school really started making fun of my weight. I was then aware that I was different, and of coarse different always has to be bad, right?? So, I started countless diets, battled depression, and even hated going to school.

As a child, I should not have had to deal with body image issues, no child should!

God made us all different, we are not meant to all be the same size and weight.

People are having weight loss surgeries and going on extreme diets, so that they can fit in with society. Now, I know some people have to lose weight because of health problems, do skinny people not have the same health problems??

My mom had gastric bypass years ago because her Doctor said losing the weight would make all her health problems disappear, my words, but same meaning. She lost the weight, but still has heart problems and high blood pressure.

I am done trying to fit in with society, yes I want to be healthy and I CAN be healthy and plus size. I am meant to have curves and junk in my trunk and I am gonna own it!

This message is not just for plus size women. Society puts an unrealistic standard on what a woman should look like. Some of you may have body image issues and not be overweight.

This is for all of you woman reading this. Love your bodies the way they are meant to be, own and flaunt it! Show the World we come in all shapes and sizes and ALL sizes are beautiful!

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Less Stress Weight Loss Tips

If you are anything like me, the less stressful weight loss can be, the better.

Recently I have felt sluggish and tired, feeling like the extra Holiday weight is weighing me down. Now, I am not one for strict diets and gym memberships, but I do find myself needing to lose some weight. I will not have unrealistic goals, just to be in better shape and feel better.

My ultimate goal is still to love my body image just the way I am, so I do not plan on being skinny, just more fit and healthy.

With all that said, I reached out to my readers for advice on simple weight loss tips. I received some great advice and can’t wait to try these less stress weight loss tips.

Drink plenty of water!

Drinking water is by far the most important factor in losing weight and being healthy. Sugary drinks weigh you down and will actually take away your energy.

I suggest getting a water bottle that keeps track of how much water you drink because I lose track of how glasses I have drunk.

Check out this water bottle from Amazon, you can even add fruits to make your water more enjoyable.



Eating Healthier 

You don’t always have to be on a a strict diet, just add in more healthy food options. One of my readers suggests Mediterranean food options and I am intrigued to learn more about this.



As I said before I am not one to be in the gym showing my struggle to everyone, but there is other fitness options.

I personally like dance workout videos, but you can do most fitness routines from the comfort of your home. Try yoga, get some small weights, just make up your own fitness routine.

Try to work out every other day for 1 hour, switching between weights and cardio.

Check these great fitness products to start working out from home.



Smaller Portions

So we all know how life goes, we get busy and it is so much easier to cook unhealthy foods. When your faced with unhealthy options, portion control is essential. I need to learn portion control more than anything. Learn when your body is content and not overly full.

Portion containers are a helpful tool to use until your brain adjusts to the smaller portions.


Vitamins and Supplements

I have learned that there is no easy weight loss pill that will magically take away your hunger or shed those pounds faster, but taking vitamins does help your body. They can give you extra energy, help your skin and nails, and regulate your body.

A good multivitamin is the best to have, when I take mine regularly I can feel a change in my body.

There are so many vitamins and supplements that are beneficial and do so much for your body.

  • vitamin c
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Coconut oil
  • L-Arginine
  • B-12

I have heard so many good things about Moringa Seeds that I am adding them to my Amazon cart! They have so many health-promoting qualities!


I hope some of these weight loss tips can help with your weight loss journey. I know I am a little more excited about starting my journey to a healthier life, with these less stress weight loss tips!