Don’t Let Your Past Define You

Recently I have noticed the younger generation making excuses for the way they behave. Blaming every little thing they have encountered in their past for the bad decisions they make. If everyone let their past dictate their future, we would have very little successful people in the World. I know for me, I could sit... Continue Reading →

4th of July Ideas

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our independence as Americans and celebrating the bravery that led to our freedom. If you are last minute like me, you are still preparing and decorating for the 4th of July. I have some quick and easy ideas to help you get ready for the patriotic holiday. All these ideas... Continue Reading →

Wheelchair Accessible Summer Activities

Summer time is here and kids are out of school. Finding activites that our kids in wheelchairs can participate can be frustrating. Until the whole World decides to be wheelchair accessible, we are limited to what we can do with Ciara but that doesn't mean we don't have our favorite summer time activites. Here are... Continue Reading →

Mom Burnout

Have you ever felt tired of the mom life? Feeling as if the only thing you do in life is take care of everybody else? Then you have the mom guilt, for feeling these feelings of mom burnout. You are not alone! For the past month I have felt the mama blues, and find it... Continue Reading →

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park

Over Spring Break my son and I had the opportunity to visit the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park in Burleson, Texas. At first, I thought this park may not be a good idea for a 14 year old boy, but we had so much fun! There was literally so much to do, we stayed busy everyday.... Continue Reading →

Shein Review

I recently ordered from Shein for the first time. I have to say I was overall very satisfied with my purchases. The prices were great! Of coarse, there were some pieces that I was not happy with, so here is my review to help you shop with Shein. Here are the pieces I purchased and... Continue Reading →

Another Year Older

Do you ever feel depressed as your birthday approaches? The feeling of dread that another year has passed and you haven't achieved what you wanted to achieve in that year of life. You are not alone, I feel that dread and hopelessness as I grow another year older. I see others that are younger than... Continue Reading →

Texas Blizzard 2021

This has been a rough week for us Texans. First, we were hit with a winter storm of ice, that left our roads slippery. Then, we were hit with another winter storm that brought snow and the lowest temperatures Texas has seen since the 40s, and another round of ice. Texas wasn't prepared for this... Continue Reading →

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