Life As A Caregiver

This past year, I have become a full- time caregiver. Not only am I a caregiver to my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, I have also become my mother's caregiver as well. My mother severely broke her leg a little over a year ago. After surgery, and a few months in a rehabilitation facility, she... Continue Reading →

Happy Mom’s Day

This Mother's Day is extra special to me. Why, you may ask, makes this mother's day so significant? First of all, I am amazingly blessed to still have my mama for another mother's day. This past year, my sweet mom, had some very serious health problems. I spent many hours praying for her to "come... Continue Reading →

Cerebral Palsy does not Define her

As most of you all know, my daughter Ciara has Cerebral Palsy, but that is not what defines her. Cerebral Palsy is defined as "a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis) and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth." Because of her disability, she cannot walk out... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Mom

Let's face it motherhood is hard! We have to keep these little human beings alive while also trying to be a perfect mom. We all have those moments where we feel like we have failed as a mother. I would like to share my moments of shame, my confessions of a mom. I have given... Continue Reading →

Great Texas Getaways

With all of us being quarantined right now, we can't help but think about taking a vacation. My family enjoys waterfront properties, away from the hustle and bustle of life. I decided to share my Texas waterfront gems my family have enjoyed over the years, full of tranquility and relaxation. Bacliff, TX This was an... Continue Reading →

Birthdays During Quarantine

Birthdays are so special for our little ones and special for us parents, to throw that magical birthday party that they will remember a lifetime. My son's birthday is coming up and I was feeling sad that we most likely will still be quarantined when his birthday gets here. It saddens me that we will... Continue Reading →

What I have learned during COVID 19

The past few weeks have been stressful, to say the least. School is closed, shelter in place has taken place, it is hard finding groceries and everyone is scared and panicked. My family's routine is completely out of whack and there is no structure to our days at home. I spend most days just cleaning... Continue Reading →

Boredom Busters for Teenagers

With the widespread coronavirus pandemic schools have closed, which means our children are stuck at home with us. This is a very troubling time for us, and even more stressful not knowing what we should be doing with our children. This is different then the summer break kids get at the end of the school... Continue Reading →

Mom at 15

I became a mother at the ripe young age of Fifteen. Now as an adult and mother of Two children, I sit back and think "wow, I really was still a baby, having a baby". I see my children at the same age I was when I was pregnant and think to myself "There is... Continue Reading →

Special Needs Mom Life

As a special needs mom, we never want to talk about the hardships we experience or the exhaust we feel, because we feel guilty for complaining. I mean our children have to go through so much hardships and experience so many struggles in life, why should we complain about what we do for them? After... Continue Reading →

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