My Favorite Holiday Looks

I know there may not be a lot going on this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your holiday outfits.

Whether it’s holiday looks for your family Christmas photos or just an outfit to slay Christmas at home. I have some hot looks for you this holiday season.

How cute is this outfit! This would be perfect for holiday photos.

This outfit would be perfect for a casual Christmas look.

How adorable is this outfit. Burgundy is a great color for the holidays.

This buffalo plaid hoodie would be a great look for all that Christmas shopping.

This burgundy and leopard top is seriously on my wishlist this Christmas!

Another top that is on my Christmas wishlist. Look at those sparkles!

Christmas graphic tees are a must have this holiday season.

This dress is perfect for all those Christmas parties!

Don’t forget about New Years! These looks are perfect for bringing in the New Year!

I hope you enjoy these holiday looks as much as I do!

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12 Days of Christmas Memories

Christmas is such a special time of year.  Spending time with your loved ones,  all the pretty lights everywhere and getting to make precious memories with your little ones.

This year Christmas may be a little different because of the pandemic.  All the things we look forward to every year have already been canceled.

Every year I take pride in making unforgettable memories with my kiddos. One year I actually made 12 gift boxes with a special gift inside each one, giving them details for a different Christmas activities.

It was a lot of work, but so worth it.

I would like to share our 12 days of Christmas fun so that maybe you and your kids can share in making some great Christmas memories.

1st Day- Grinch Night

On the first day of Christmas we watched the Grinch and made a grinch treat. Adding green food coloring to treats can turn them into a grinchy treat.

2nd Day- Polar Express Night

On the second day of Christmas we boarded the Polar Express. Every year I surprise my kids with Polar Express tickets and we load the car with Christmas snacks to go look at Christmas lights.

3rd Day- Snow ball fight

On the third day of Christmas we had a cotton ball snow ball fight!! It was a blast!

4th Day- Christmas Movie

On the fourth day of Christmas we snuggled up on the couch and watched a Christmas movie.

5th Day- Candy Cane Hunt

On the fifth day of Christmas I hid candy canes around the house and the kids had a blast finding all of them.

6th Day- Gingerbread Houses

On the sixth day of Christmas we made gingerbread houses!

7th Day- Snow Globes

On the seventh day of Christmas we made cute little snow globe ornaments for our tree. We made them from clear plastic balls, fake snow and miniature figurines.

8th Day- Frosty the Snowman

On the eighth day of Christmas we enjoyed a frosty treat (ice cream) and watched Frosty the Snowman.

9th Day – Christmas Picnic

On the ninth day of Christmas we made Christmas cookie cutter pizza and had a picnic by the Christmas tree.

10th day- Spreading Christmas Cheer

On the tenth day of Christmas we shared the Christmas spirit with others. We left cookies for the mail man, we visited a friend in the hospital and left a treat at our local redbox.

11th Day- Christmas Cookies

On the 11th day of Christmas we baked cookies for Santa, complete with flour all over the kitchen.

12th Day – Christmas Eve

On the 12th day of Christmas they got ready for bed with new pajamas and patiently waited for morning to arrive.

I hope you enjoyed these 12 days of Christmas memories and I hope these ideas make it into your family memories this year!

Merry Christmas!


Support Your Stay at Home Moms and Small Businesses

Through this Covid pandemic, so many have lost their jobs or are having trouble keeping their small businesses going.

There are so many women out there just trying to make ends meet, whether it be online sales, small business, or blogging.

Now, I know some of you might think “I have to go to work everyday to make a living, why shouldn’t they have to?” Well, I have some great reasons why you should support stay at home moms and small business owners.

Some cannot afford childcare

Childcare can be really expensive and some families cannot afford the added expense, especially single mothers. A lot of stay at home moms would love to have a career of their own, outside of the home, but staying home for their children is more important. So supporting their business helps them provide for their families.

Having a special needs child

I personally, have a special needs child that needs my care daily, so going into the workforce is hard. Even if you find someone to watch your child, you still have to miss work for doctor appointments, therapy appointments or sick days. I would love to be out in the world, fulfilling my dreams, but my daughter comes first.

They work hard for their business

I know from experience that running your own business can be hard work. You have to spend hours advertising and showing the products. I know you may think it’s a annoying getting Facebook party invites from your friends selling their products, but a lot of work goes into those parties and it all you have to do is host or join.

This is their 2nd job

For some moms, running a small business or selling online may be their 2nd job. They may not be making enough money at their job to make ends meet so they have to find ways to make extra income. I don’t know how they do it, but I see moms that have to work a full day and still come home, tend to their family and spend hours on their online business.

You are going to buy products anyways

If you are going to be buying these products anyways, why not buy from someone you know sells the items you are looking for. Instead of going to big franchises, go local and support the little people. I don’t think you should just spend money you don’t have to support your small biz owners, but if your going to spend the money, go with someone that needs that extra income.

Ways you can support stay at home moms or small biz

Personally, I love writing, and blogging has helped me fulfill my dream of writing to the world, while staying home with Ciara. Unfortunately, blogging doesn’t pay, so sometimes I advertise affiliate links to help me provide for my family. Everytime you shop from any link I advertise I can get paid a commission and can continue to share my writing and maybe hopefully fulfill my dream of writing my own book. Of coarse, I don’t expect anybody to just buy things they don’t need, but if you are going to be purchasing any items I have a link for, it helps bloggers to be able to continue blogging.

Hosting parties or just joining parties helps online sales and just sharing posts can help get their products out there. It doesn’t cost you anything just to support them and share their products.

Next time you are looking for a photographer, baked goods, apparel, or cosmetics, think about the people you know that sells locally. They will appreciate your business more than big businesses.

I know some great small businesses if you need help finding products!


My Favorite Halloween Memories

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays! Not because I am a devil worshiper or I am gothic, but because it’s fun and there is less stress involved in Halloween.

I love all the memories I get to share this time of year with my kids. Halloween means visiting the pumpkin patch, watching spooky movies, decorating your house all spooky and getting to dress up as anything you want!

I could go on and on about Halloween, but I’ll share my favorite Halloween memories with my family over the last few years.

All recipes for the sweet treats can be found on pinterest.

The best memories are made in the kitchen!

Spider web pancakes

Just make some pancakes, melt some icing, add food coloring and let your kids make a spiderweb with black food coloring and a toothpick!

Monster tacos and burritos

Witches brew (broccoli and cheddar soup)and bread broomsticks

Beef stew with cat biscuits

If you have Halloween cookie cutters you can make any shape biscuits to go with your stew.

Hocus Pocus Brownies

We made these tasty brownies while we watched the hocus pocus movie!

Shepard’s boo pie

Snake sandwich

This is a family favorite! Just get refrigerated pizza dough, roll it out, add honey mustard, lunch meat and cheese. Melt butter with some food coloring and brush it onto your snake, add a bell pepper tongue and eyes and pop into the oven.

Jack o lantern quesadillas

The kids love making the quesadilla faces!

Homemade spooky pizzas

You can literally do so much with pizza. Pizza mummies, ghosts and Jack o lanterns!

Of coarse, I have tons of family memories like carving pumpkins, going to fall festivals and trick or treating but the all time favorite Halloween memory was last year at Disney world!

Happy Halloween to you all and make sure to make lots of memories!


Make Your Own Rules

Having a Special Needs child comes with its own set of difficulties. There is no rule book for how to raise a child with disabilities. Books about reaching children’s milestones do not apply to your child’s specific special needs.

Even learning about your child’s diagnosis does not help prepare you, because every disability is so different. For instance, Ciara has Cerebral Palsy and cannot walk or talk, but there are others with CP that can walk and talk normally. So finding the right information or help, can be exhausting.

I have learned that we have to make our own parenting rules and go by our own knowledge.

After 21 years, I am still learning about Ciara. I am still trying to figure out what I am doing and questioning if I am doing the right things for her.

I thought I had everything figured out and then..she became an adult! I thought getting her through school and puberty was my most difficult challenges. I was wrong. Now, I am learning how to transition her into adulthood and prepare a future for her. I feel as if her whole future depends on the decisions I make now for her.

There is no manual to tell us what to do to prepare our kids for the future, so we have to what we feel is best for our children.

On top of all the stress of raising a special needs child, there is always judgment and pressure coming from professionals. “What are you doing for her future?” “What is your next step?” The questions never stop coming! Seriously, I don’t know what I am doing with my life, then I have to tell them exact plans for my daughters future!

People never stop judging, you just have to get past all the questions and realize you are doing whats best for your child. People can make you feel like you are not doing enough for your child, but you are. You cannot completely exhaust yourself trying to be perfect, you just have to do what you can do.

There was a point in my life where I let Ciara’s disability control my whole life. Everything I did in my life was directed towards Ciara. I was was consumed in therapy appointments, Doctor appointments, special needs conferences, and lots of research.

I still do what needs to be done for her, I just don’t let it consume me. We have a life outside of her disability and we also have a nice balance of special needs activities. I feel she is happier now that I am not obsessed with her disability. She is not reminded constantly of her disability and it helps her to feel more normal.

People may judge me that I don’t have her in tons of therapies and Doctor appointments to consume our weeks, but I make the rules and do what is best for my family.

She still sees her Doctors when she needs to and I am still working on preparing for her future, but we are going to enjoy life in the process.

Make your own rules for your special needs child. Do what you think is best and forget about the judgments and questions. You know your child better than anybody, so you will make the best choices.

Don’t let your child’s disability consume you, enjoy life with your special needs child.


You are Strong

Lately, there has been so much going on in the World. Covid, Presidential debates, racial hate and just stress everywhere you turn. Plus, you add the daily life stress and it is enough to turn any sane person insane.

I have seen so many broken women right now in this hard time. I just want to share a story of strength to show you all that you are stronger than you think, and you can get through this.

I am a very blessed woman. I was blessed to have been raised by an amazingly strong woman, my mother. All my strength comes from her and I am proud so say that I am a strong woman.

When I get down and feel like I cannot find the strength to carry on, I think about all the hardships my mom faced and overcame.

My mom came from a poor family and going to school was actually a luxury for her. Going to school meant no work for that day.

No matter her struggles in life she made a point to always keep her Faith in God.

She married in her early twenties and had two beautiful boys. Her husband cheated on her repeatedly. She gathered her strength, took her boys and moved to Waco for a fresh start. She was now a single mom in a new city, working in bars to take care of her family.

She meets my dad and soon after they get married. She endures Four miscarriages before finally giving birth to me. My dad is an alcoholic and would get very mean. My mom was hit many times. Nights were scary after the bar closed because we never knew what he would do when he arrived home. She always kept me safe, even if we stayed in a hotel for the night.

My brother committed suicide when he was 16. That had to be the hardest time of her life, but I remember seeing a strong mother taking care of her 5 year old daughter. I know she had to be dying inside, but my mom stayed strong. She stayed strong because she knew I needed her.

My mom worked 12 hour shifts in factories to provide for me, and to get us away from my dad.

She went back to school at 56 and got her degree as a sleep technician. She was great at her job and was able to buy herself a new house. She retired last year.

Now, she has been battling health problems, but I still see that strength in her eyes. She will always be the strongest woman I know.

So, all of you who think you are not strong enough, you are!

If you are scared to leave an abusive relationship, you can, you are strong enough!

If you are scared to go back to school, or make a career change, you can do it!

If you are facing a lot of hardships, you can get through this, you are strong enough!

You can get through anything because you are strong women! Stay strong!


Social Distancing Halloween Fun

Who says you can’t have fun while staying safe and social distances??

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected and changed our lives in so many ways. Why not let the kiddos have some fun and pretend life is back to normal for one night.

Halloween is one of my favorite nights of the year. Getting to dress up, carve pumpkins and watch all the scary movies I want! I cannot imagine a year without getting to celebrate Halloween.

I ran across some really good ideas off of the Oriental Trading site, that I want to share so that maybe everybody can still enjoy that one night a year it is acceptable to dress up crazy and be a little spooky.

Candy in the Bushes

How cute is this idea! Just get some clothes pins and hang candy all in your bushes for kiddos to come up and grab one, or two.

Set up a table with treats in your driveway

Decorate a table with a spooky Halloween tablecloth and add some cute Halloween cups filled with individually wrapped candy. The kids can just grab a cup and go!

Candy Graveyard

How fun is a candy graveyard!! You can pick up some graveyard decorations from Oriental Trading, or even make your own. Just make it super spooky and add some candy, kids will love searching your front yard graveyard to find yummy treats.

Neighborhood Trunk or Treat

I really wish I lived in a neighborhood, I seriously have 3 neighbors on my road. This idea sounds like so much fun! You can have fun decorating your trunk all Halloweenish and back it up to end of your driveway, and let the kids just run from trunk to trunk piling up on the candy!

Boo Bags

I do this every year for the few neighbors I have. I just find some cute Halloween bags or buckets and fill them with special Halloween treats and leave them on my neighbors door steps with a special “You Have Been Boo’d” sign to go in their window. You could also just have Boo Bags set out for kids to come up and grab.

Scary Movie Marathon

Horror Movie Marathon Background Vector. Cinema Vintage Style Illuminated Light. For Festive Advertising Design. Illustration

Okay so this is my kind of activity. My kids are older and done with trick or treating, so a scary movie marathon would be a fun night with my kids. You could even set up an outdoor movie marathon for your neighbors to enjoy as well. Add some popcorn and you got a fun Halloween night.

Pumpkin Decorating

The ultimate Halloween tradition is Pumpkin carving or decorating a pumpkin. You seriously cannot have Halloween without getting your hands all slimy inside a pumpkin.

Haunted House

Why not set up a haunted house in your driveway or yard? My family likes to make a haunted trail in the creek behind our house for friends, family and neighbors to enjoy. Just make sure to practice social distancing and not have too many people at one time.

I have you have enjoyed these ideas for a safe, social distancing Halloween. And I hope you all have the best Halloween.

Stay Spooky my friends!👻


I Was Designed This Way

I saw a post recently on social media that really got to me. “If I worked out everyday, would my body look like yours?”

It made me think, is our bodies really supposed to all look alike?

If I went to the gym everyday, cut out all the carbs and calories will I really have the body type that is accepted by society?

I have been on those extreme diets and work out plans, sure I lost weight, but in the end I was still a plus size woman with curves.

I am sure I could have a drastic surgery that forces my body to change into a different body shape. I also know that comes with a lot of suffering and who is to say to say that in the end my body won’t reject the change and slowly form back into the shape I am supposed to be.

I am comfortable saying that I do not exercise enough and that is a something I would like to work on. Not to change the way I look, but for my overall health. For my daughter, who I have to be able to lift everyday and for my family.

I am also aware that I need to eat healthier. That is not saying that I eat unhealthy all the time or eat any differently than most Americans. Convenient foods have become a commodity in many households and I am working on providing my family with more home cooked meals, with veggies.

With all that said, do I expect to ever be a size 0 with zero curves? No, I am comfortable saying that MY body type will always be bigger than the typical average woman. I am okay with that.

I truly believe God made us in ALL shapes and sizes. Would you tell a taller than average person they need to shrink?

I am the way God made me an I know HE will help me be a healthier version, not only for myself, but for my family.

Sure, I will have days where I look in the mirror and grab that fat roll and scream “go away”, but body shaming is something that most of go through. We always see whats wrong with our bodies, instead of embracing the beauty that God created.

Be proud to be different. Accept the body you were given and stop trying to be the stereotype of what society says you should be.

God doesn’t make mistakes, we are all beautiful, in every shape, size and color.

Own it!!


Fall Fashion Must Haves

If you are like me, and are sick of the heat, you cannot wait for Fall to get here.

Here in Texas it is still in the triple digits, so wearing my favorite Fall Fashions will have to wait a bit longer. But who says you can’t shop for Fall while it is still hotter than Satan’s toenails??

I am loading up my shopping cart with the anticipation of bonfires, pumpkin spice everything and watching leaves fall from the trees.

Here is a list of some great Fall Fashion Must Haves.

If you like these styles, use my link to help me earn commission.

Fall Everyday Wear

Curvy New Thoughts Duster
Trend Spotted Hoodie
Curvy Ride or Die-Back
Curvy Ride or Die-Front
Discover me Cardigan- Leopard Print

This total outfit is the cutest!

Don’t Mind me Top
Taupe Dakota Bootie
On a Roll Tie Dye Shirt
Dancing With You Curvy Top
Curvy Getting Carried Away

Graphic Tees

I seriously want ALL of the Graphic Tees!

Hello Darlin Bleached Graphic Tee
I Want Candy Graphic Tee
Texas Beauty Tee
Pumpkin Spice Sippin Graphic Tee
Outlaw Graphic Tee
Fall For Jesus Graphic Tee
Cheetah Pumpkin Graphic Tee
Boom Roasted Graphic Tee
Psychedelic Lips Graphic Tee
Sunflower Graphic Tee
Game Day Graphic Tee
Savage Lips Graphic Tee
Savanna Bootie- Leopard Print

Lounge Wear

Down For Love Curvy Lounge Wear

I could totally see myself snuggling next to a fire with a pumpkin spice latte and watching Hocus Pocus with this lounge wear.

Do you see why I have a shopping addiction?? I finally found a Boutique that has cute, true to size plus size clothes, and now I can’t stop SHOPPING!

Of coarse Glitzy girlz boutique has so so much more great styles, these are just my Fall Faves. Check them out and see all their amazing apparel and if you sign up for e-mails they will give you 10% off your first order!


2020 You Are Not My Friend

2020 seriously has me throwing the bird, no slash that, a double bird, while sticking my tongue out and stomping off!

Covid came creeping in like that creepy neighbor always knocking on your door and looking into your windows to see if you are home. Now, we are all hiding out in our homes, in fear that the Corona will soon get us.

I am literally so tired of being in my home. Cleaning, cooking, remote learning with a 14 year… A stinky 14 year old boy mind you. I get the pleasure of smelling toots and bad breathe all morning while helping him get his day started.

Why did I choose remote learning you may ask…well I was worried about him adjusting to the changes the school has made for the safety of the kids. Such as masks all day, 90 minute classes, and no socialization.

Now, you may ask, why not put your mask on and get back into the World. Well first off, I am not against masks, but it is Texas. We are in the hotter than Satan’s toenails part of summer and I am a sweater. By the time I take off that mask my nose is sweating down into my mouth 😣. Not too mention I am a bit dramatic and I feel like I am suffocating in the mask after a quick grocery store run.

Nothing is fun anymore. I use to love going shopping and browsing every item in the store, now its like supermarket sweep. I get what I need and get out.

When you have a special needs child, that already has breathing problems, you just don’t know how safe it is to take them out. Even with a mask, there is uncertainty!

I just want my life back! I miss socialization! I miss parties!!

I am a planner and I like to have everything planned out and this Covid is wrecking my world. Can we have Halloween? Will there be any Fall activities? What about Christmas and Thanksgiving? There is too much uncertainty, it is driving me crazy!

Not to mention all the hate and violence 2020 has brought into the World. The hate is the worst, people are fighting just to fight, in a time when we should all be coming together as a country.

Then they tell us there are murder hornets and suspicious Chinese seeds being sent to people. That is enough 2020!

2020 has me going on strike in my own home. I stare at trash and think “someone will eventually pick that up“. No such luck, when my strike ends a day later that wrapper is still there waiting.

2020 has brought health problems to my family members and Covid made it where I could not even be with them. Having to sit in the car while calling a nurse over and over again for an update on my parent, is not fun!

I think about last year at this time, we were getting ready to take a trip to Disney World. Now, I get excited just to go to a drive through Birthday Party!

If you have a suggestions on how I can keep my sanity in this difficult time, leave me a comment! Or let me know what you are doing to keep your sanity!

Please 2020 hurry up and go away!!

Here is to 2021, may the World get back to normal!