Bob Sandlin Lake Vacation

My family and I have a goal to visit every Lake in Texas.

We have marked off another Texas lake, Bob Sandlin Lake in Pittsburg, Texas.

Once we arrived to our vacation rental, we were stunned at the amazing scenery and beautifully decorated, cozy cabin.

After unloading and unpacking, we decided to pick up a grocery order I placed at the closest Walmart, 21 minutes away. But, we got to see more of the area and even some deer crossing the road.

It was so nice getting away from the hustle and bustle of Waco traffic and construction. We enjoyed scenic views and no traffic jams!

Our first night, we just lazed around the cabin and the boys did some fishing.

On our first day on the lake, we took advantage of the canoes and Lily pad the owners graciously let us use during our stay.

The Lily pad was great! I’m not a big fan of squishy mud going between my toes, so lounging on the Lily pad was my favorite pass time of the vacation.

After a long day on the water, we enjoyed the many decks of the cabin. We sat and played games, enjoyed burgers and smores, with the lake sparkling in the background.

As soon as the sun went down, we headed to the boat dock for some night time fishing.

Leland caught the biggest fish, but I caught the most fish. Ciara even tried to kiss her fish she caught.

After a long first day of fun, we settled into the most comfortable bed. Seriously, I didn’t want to come back home to my not so comfortable bed.

I slept like I haven’t slept in a year, I got so much needed rest and didn’t have to set any alarms!

Our next day started with a nice breakfast, while gazing at the amazing view from the living room window.

We enjoyed the lake for a while, until the sun was a little too much to handle. Then we headed inside to the wonderful air conditioner and played games, listened to music, and baked cookies.

After the sun went down a bit, we headed back outside to enjoy ice cream floats and watching TV on the deck.

I loved this cabin so much, I felt sadness leaving. But our dogs, friends and family were waiting for us back in Waco.

So, we had to pack up and take in as much as we could of this fantastic location.

I would definitely recommend this vacation property. My only disclosure is that the hill to the water was a little steeper than I expected, making it a bit of a struggle getting Ciara down to the water and back up to the cabin. And there was quite a bit more steps than expected but that was my bad, for not paying more attention to the listing.

Other than that, this property had everything we were looking for. Seclusion, amazing scenery, clean and inviting cabin.

I would love to visit back in the Fall, I bet it’s even more gorgeous.

Thanks for checking out our vacation at Bob Sandlin Lake. Below is the link for Pinehill Cabin.

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