Cute Valentines Breakfast Buffet Ideas

This Valentines we decided to stay in, instead of fighting for a table at restaurants.

I decided to make it special for my family by making a big breakfast v-day buffet, with a Charcuterie Board, Big Red floats and Cupid hot chocolate.

We definitely had a Sugar rush but isn’t that what makes Valentines fun, seeing how much you can gain in one day 🤣.

I know I am a day late, but maybe these will give you inspiration for next Valentines Day or even just a romantic dinner with your special someone.

Heart Eggs

I bought my husband a griddle last year for his birthday and he absolutely loves using it to cook for us. I also found an accessory kit with cute heart shaped egg rings.

So my husband made heart shaped fried eggs, and they were adorable and delicious!

Pink Heart Pancakes with White Chocolate Chips

My husband also made heart shaped pancakes with the same egg tool.

I prepared the pancake batter with just regular buttermilk pancake mix. Then I added some pink food coloring and some white chocolate chips. My husband poured the batter into the heart shaped egg ring, and voila, we had some amazing heart pancakes with strawberry syrup on top, yum!

Heart Cinnamon Rolls

This was my first time trying this with store bought cinnamon rolls. You just unroll the cinnamon rolls and shape them into hearts.

I melted the prepackaged icing that comes with the cinnamon rolls and added some pink food coloring before drizzling the cinnamon rolls with icing.

I honestly, didn’t even get to eat my cinnamon roll before I was full, but I think they were pretty good and pretty looking!

Big Red Floats and Hot Chocolate

So, my son had some friends over yesterday so I decided to make big red floats for the boys. I also had some heart shaped hot cocoa bombs I bought from the Dollar Tree, so, you know I had to use them. So, us girls, had hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles.

Valentine Charcuterie Board

Ok, so my mom did think my salami roses were little hats but I thought they were super cute. You can find so many videos online on how to make them. You just need salami and a champagne flute. I added some pepper jack cheese, crackers and of course chocolate covered strawberries.

My family and my son’s friends really enjoyed our Valentines Breakfast Buffet and it was fun making treats with my husband.

I hope you all enjoy these ideas and I hope you all had a VERY wonderful Valentines Day!


Let Me Introduce Myself

Since I have quite a few new followers, I have decided to reintroduce myself.

I am Jennifer, the mother of two incredible kids and wife to an amazing husband.

My husband and I met as teenagers and have managed to stay together over 20 years now. It has definitely been a long, bumpy road, but we have grown stronger as we have grown older.

My daughter, Ciara, is 22 and has Cerebral Palsy. She cannot walk or talk, but she is the strongest person I know and teaches me each every day how to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of life.

I was a “teen mom“, I gave birth to Ciara at 15. I have come a long way as a mother. The beginning of motherhood was a struggle, especially with a special needs child, but I have learned so much and thrive to help and comfort other special needs moms.

My son, Leland, is your typical teenager, full of teenage attitude. He can be the sweetest little mama’s boy and he is constantly making me laugh.

I am a minimalist mom on a budget, and I LOVE the Dollar Tree.

My life is chaos, my house is not “magazine worthy“, and nothing about my life is “perfect“.

I am a down-home country girl that loves Jesus, family, friends and my dogs.

I am a proud plus size woman, and I am obsessed with makeup and clothes.

I love planning events, baking and crafting, while on a budget. I really enjoy finding new ways to repurpose or to recreate things that I typically cannot afford.

And lastly, I love writing! I enjoy sharing with the world my ideas and ADVICE and I appreciate each and every one of my followers.

I hope to inspire, give support and encourage all of my readers.

Thank you for following my Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life!


Relationship Tips From A Married Woman

I have been with my husband for 21 years now. There has been so many ups and downs in our relationship, mostly downs, but we are finally in a stable relationship.

What does that mean? Well, to me, it means we resolve our conflicts instead of just fighting about them. It means we work every day to maintain a healthy relationship. It means letting your pride go.

This has been a very long road, and it was not an easy road with two equally hardheaded human beings.

If you ever watched “Jersey Shore“, imagine Sam and Ronnie’s relationship, that was us.

There are so many things I wish I could have changed about the choices I made in our relationship and the many mistakes that were made in our relationship.

There is so many “lessons learned“, throughout marriage, and it is very hard work.

So.. I would like to share the tips I have learned being a Married Woman.

Don’t Rush Him

One of the biggest regrets in regards to my relationship would be that I rushed him to propose.

I don’t know why we do that girls! We tend to think if he doesn’t propose after a year, then we will lose him or we will never get married.

We get into such a rush to plan our whole lives out; we forget that men need a little longer to get things planned out.

For instance, I rushed my husband to propose, you know the “when he puts a ring on my fingerguilt trip. In his mind he thinks I better propose, or she is going to dump me“. So, he did propose, and it was great, but he put off the wedding, which led to many fights and break ups.

If I would have just waited, he could have decided he wanted to marry me on his own and would have been excited to plan a wedding. Instead, he felt pushed into a situation he was not ready for.

You don’t want someone to marry you because they feel forced to do so. Now, I know my husband loves me and he is happy we are now married, but it took a while for us to truly know each other and for our love to grow over the years.

Enjoy Getting to Know Each Other

The first year is always so great because you are just getting to know each other. Don’t rush through it, enjoy every minute before moving in with each other or getting married.

Once you move in together, all that cute stuff, becomes annoying and you start realizing you don’t have that much in common.

Go on many dates before having kids, after kids you may not get date nights as often.

Babies Won’t Save a Relationship

Please ladies, do not have a baby to keep your man. If he isn’t interested before a baby, he will not be interested after a baby.

You either end up with a cheating baby daddy, or a baby daddy you have to fight with over the baby.

I didn’t get pregnant on purpose with my daughter, but I thought since I was pregnant, my baby daddy would be with me for forever. I was wrong, he was not ready to be a dad at that time, and I could not change that.

Don’t Base Your Relationship on Looks

Don’t let “appearance” control your relationship. Everybody gets older and our appearances change.

Make sure your relationship is based on love, make sure he loves you, for who you are, not what you look like.

Bodies change and looks fade over time, but true love won’t.


Something I struggled with for many years was trust. My husband never did anything for me not to trust him, but I still struggled with trusting him.

I would look for proof that he was cheating, constantly. Trust me ladies, if you look hard enough, you will find something to fight about. Whether it be a girl from work he added on Facebook, or just a simple text from a friend.

If you cannot trust him, you will never be happy. You will always be looking, and the fights will never stop.

I can honestly say after 21 years, I trust my husband. I no longer worry about what he is doing on his phone or when he is with his friends. It has made our relationship grow so much stronger.

This is also the same for men, they have to trust you too. My husband was jealous at times, and he had to learn to stop being jealous of every man I spoke to. On the other hand, I too had to stop giving him reasons to be jealous, like flirting. I know that sounds horrible, but when I was younger, I was a handful. When I would drink alcohol, I would get flirtatious, but I grew up.

Lastly, please ladies, remember you are beautiful just the way you are. You never have to change yourself for anybody!

I hope some of my life lessons can help you in your relationship journey.