Dealing with Grief

My family recently lost two amazing people due to Covid-19.

In August we learned that my husband’s cousin and her husband were being admitted to the hospital because of covid complications.

Not even a month later they both were taken away from us.

The pain was unreal, like we were living a nightmare.

Anger set in and the whys. Why did they have to die? Why did this virus have to take them away from us?

I cried for days, until I learned to deal with my grief.

I sat and thought about how blessed I was to have had them both in my life for 20 years.

I thought about all the special memories I was lucky enough to get to share with them.

Most importantly I thought about all the wonderful things this amazing couple taught me.

I would like to share what I learned having these incredible people in my life.

Susie taught me to let the people I love know how much I love them. Susie was the most loving person I have ever met. She would let everyone know how much she loved them and how special they were to her.

Terry taught me unconditional love for your spouse. He loved Susie so much and stood by her side through thick and thin.

They both taught me to be spontaneous and to live life to the fullest. They always had so much fun, no matter what they were doing.

Susie taught me to help others in need and to be kind to everyone. Susie would help anyone in need and she could have hour long conversations with people she didn’t even know.

They both taught me to be a better person and a better Christian.

I am a better person having known them and I am beyond blessed to get to say they loved and cared about me.

I am grateful for every minute I got to share with them and all the laughter we once shared.

The sadness is still there but I know they are together in Heaven, rejoicing with the Lord.

The pain doesn’t just go away, but celebrating their lives and remembering all they passed on to me and my family, has helped me through the grieving stage.

I would like to honor them by letting you all know that COVID-19 IS REAL! If you don’t believe in getting vaccinated, please don’t judge people who do choose to get vaccinated. Please don’t hinder people’s choice in getting the vaccination.

Think of other’s feelings that have lost loved ones to this senseless virus before you say hurtful things about the vaccine or wearing masks.

Stay safe out there, and pray for the ones fighting this virus and the ones dealing with the grief of losing their loved ones.

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  1. I would like to say I knew this family a short time through open door and No limitations my son is medically fragile and Our family had Covid the 1st round which was when kids were effected as much but as this disease got worse and they came out with a vaccine We started our research on it and what would lessen our chances of getting it again and our special boy getting this round With our doctors who have fought so hard for our Aydin and have never led us wrong and with this hitting so many we love and know and These two precious people who lost there lives We decided Fear is fear we can fear Covid we cans fear vaccine But We don’t live in fear We are trusting in our Lord to protect us and to lead us in the right direction With that being said We decided to get our 1st vaccine 9/2/21 and our second dose is due this week Aydin’s 1st dose was 9/9/21 and the 30 is his second dose We are honoring Susie and Terry by getting the vaccine Let it be known that there lives lived even in the last days helped people it brought light and clarification for our family Prayers and love for this whole family in the days to come May God live and peace shine upon you


  2. I was just now able to finally gather up the strength to read this months later. I just want to say this describes them perfect and they loved y’all, we all do! Bubba was my dads best friend even when bubba probably wished he wasn’t when my dad had the crazy dangerous ideas lol and you and Ciara were my moms, I mean who else would she have allowed to pull her backwards to the ground by her point tail? Only Ciara any of us would have gotten a beat down lol. Y’all made a huge impact on their lives and they cherished EVERY moment with y’all even when my dad would have to fall asleep on the couch because my mom wouldn’t stop talking so we could go home. 🤣 Thank you for loving them and us the way y’all do! We have made some of the best memories and now we just have to make them in a new way! I love you and this was BEAUTIFULLY written!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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