Another Year Older

Do you ever feel depressed as your birthday approaches?

The feeling of dread that another year has passed and you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve in that year of life.

You are not alone, I feel that dread and hopelessness as I grow another year older.

I see others that are younger than me, achieving great things, that I hoped to achieve.

While I am happy for them, the sense of failure looms over me.

When I was younger, I had so many hopes and dreams that I had hoped to fulfill before I turned 30.

I wanted to write my first book, have a successful business and be known for something.

Now, as I turn 37, I still have those same hopes and dreams. For some reason, I haven’t been able to achieve them.

Maybe laziness on my part, it just seems like the World is against me sometimes.

It leaves me feeling useless, and I feel as if I should give up.

I know I will stop feeling sorry for myself, pick myself back up, and continue making my dreams come true.

Just because I haven’t achieved all my goals this year, I am still alive and I was able to celebrate another year of life. That in itself is a reason to celebrate.

I will continue to fight to make sure I make my dreams a reality. I will not give up!

Hopefully before my next birthday I can say I did something great!

Never give up on your dreams!

By Jennifer Cotton

Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life! I started this page so that I could share my journey to loving myself.
I am a plus size mom of two wonderful kiddos. Ciara is 19 and Leland is 13. They are my world! I am also married to the man I began dating when I was 16! It has been a long and bumpy road but I think we are getting a hang of this married stuff.
I have been overweight for most of my life and I don't think I have ever truly loved my body the way it is. So I am starting this journey to self love and I hope that I can have others to join me a long the way!

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