Texas Blizzard 2021

This has been a rough week for us Texans.

First, we were hit with a winter storm of ice, that left our roads slippery.

Then, we were hit with another winter storm that brought snow and the lowest temperatures Texas has seen since the 40s, and another round of ice.

Texas wasn’t prepared for this kind of weather, we are more prepared for over 100 degree weather.

Our power grid was not prepared to handle the amount of electricity being used to warm houses, so many of us were left with rolling blackouts or no electricity at all, for days!

Most Texans don’t have 4 wheel drive vehicles, so they were stuck in their homes with no power and no water.

So many car accidents happened this week because of the ice, including a massive 100 car pileup on 1-35 where 6 people were killed. My prayers go out to all the victims of that tragic event.

Families searched for firewood to keep them warm.

This has definitely been a hard time for Texas. To see so many struggling to stay warm and have food to eat.

So many families had to throw their food out because of the power outage, and our grocery stores had to throw out spoiled food from their power outages.

The grocery stores are not able to restock fast enough, leaving bare shelves and families searching for food.

As the ice is melting people are finding their pipes busted and are without water.

After all this, I find myself so grateful that I was able to stay warm with my fireplace and was able to feed my family. We had the rolling blackouts but we never fully lost our electricity.

We did go without water for a couple of days but I am beyond thankful that our pipes did not burst.

I am beyond sad for all the families that had to endure so much anguish during this, and for the families still without power and water. My heart and prayers go out to them.

Through all the bad, I saw so much good in my fellow Texans. I saw people opening their homes up for families to stay warm. I saw people delivering firewood and food for families in need.

I pray as the snow melts, my fellow Texans can pick up the pieces this winter storm brought with it.

I am proud to be a Texan!


Texas blizzard!! Plus size Elsa!

Plus size Elsa!!

Homemade Valentines Gift Ideas

I am a sucker for a homemade gift. Over the years my kids and I have enjoyed giving and recieving homemade gifts.

With valentines coming up, I am already thinking of cute homemade gifts for my family.

I would like to share my favorite homemade gifts for Valentines Day. These are gifts that my family and I made together over the last few years. Please forgive the photography, I didn’t always have a great camera.

Teacher Gift Ideas

How cute are these? I traced my kids hands and taped them to lotion for their teachers with “you deserve a hand ” written on them.
Homemade bath bombs. You can find bath bomb recipes all over pinterest. We bought cute jars from the dollar tree and filled them with the bath bombs and basket stuffing.
You’re the balm” . Who doesn’t like getting lip balm?? Just add them to a bag, add basket stuffing and maybe even a few candies.
These are super cute! All you have to do is get some cute fuzzy socks and either big cupcake liners or cute disposable party bowls. You just roll the socks to look like frosting and place into the liner. I placed these into clear plastic bags with ribbon as well.
Teachers always need school supplies so why not give them a gift they can use. We just added little heart notes on each supply and put them into a cute heart basket.

Husband Gifts

This was probably the best gift I ever gave my husband, he loved it. I dont know about you, but I have a bad habit of saving valentine boxes. So I used one I had saved and taped little liquor bottles to the bottom of it. Added a little note in the lid and voila, an awesome man gift.
Ok so my husband loves lottery tickets so I made them into a gift for him. I just used a plastic vase, put a styrofoam ball into the vase and hot glued the tickets and treats onto sticks to stick into the styrofoam ball. He loved it!

Valentines for School

Over the years we have made tons of valentine’s for school parties, but this one was actually a favorite in the classroom. We just bought some plastic dinosaurs and taped them to construction paper with “You are dino mite” written on them.
What kid doesn’t love pop rocks? These were a hit in the classroom as well.

Teenage Gifts

Now that I have older kids, they don’t like the cuddly stuff animals or cute valentine gifts, so I make them baskets with what they like. That year my kids both wanted smart watches so I put them in a cute basket and added candy and a card. They really enjoyed this gift.
Last year I decided to get my family gift cards to their favorite places. I hot glued them to their favored drinks with some candy and beef jerky, they all loved this gift.

I hope you enjoyed my homemade Valentine’s gifts from my family.

Happy Valentine’s Day from my family to yours!! ♥️♥️