Big Girl Rant

Did you know that there really is people that have a fat phobia? They think being fat is the worst thing that could happen to a person.

Ok, so I get that being 600 pounds is unhealthy, but so is being 90 pounds.

Who wrote the rule book that we all have to be one size.

I started gaining weight in 5th grade. I was just like every other kid, full of energy and very active. I didn’t eat much either. Can you tell me at that young age, I did anything wrong and chose to be fat??

I honestly believe God made us all shape and sizes for a reason.

Does that mean we should gorge out and eat whole pizzas?? No! But I can tell you it seems I can breathe air and gain weight, so who are they to judge me because of my weight.

Can being overweight be unhealthy? Sure, but can you tell me skinny people are completely healthy?

I know big people with high blood pressure and skinny people with high blood pressure.

Everyone is so fast to blame weight on everything, when you can’t tell me skinny people never get the same illness.

I recently found out one of my big girl inspirations, was thinking about weight loss surgery. Talk about a slap in the face. She inspired me to be happy as a big girl and to love my body and now she wants to change her body!

It starts making me think “is everybody right about being fat?” ” should fat people not exist?” “Should we be extinct?”

Well my answer is No! We are who we are meant to be! I can diet, lose a few pounds, but I will always be chunky.

I can go to the extreme to have weight loss surgery, but if God wants me to be a plus size woman, that weight is coming back.

I know all the fat phobia people will be yelling “your unhealthy.” Ok, how healthy are you?? Worry about you boo boo!

Stop the fat shaming and worry about yourself! We are not hurting anybody by existing.

So in conclusion, don’t let anybody tell you what your body should look like. Don’t let fat haters, make you hate yourself.

We are not disgusting creatures, we are beautiful!

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  1. I am a size 16-18 no matter if I weigh 175 or 245. Once I realized that, I figured I am meant to be the exact shape that I am. I won’t sacrifice my happiness for someone else’s opinion of my shape!


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