My Favorite Halloween Memories

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays! Not because I am a devil worshiper or I am gothic, but because it’s fun and there is less stress involved in Halloween.

I love all the memories I get to share this time of year with my kids. Halloween means visiting the pumpkin patch, watching spooky movies, decorating your house all spooky and getting to dress up as anything you want!

I could go on and on about Halloween, but I’ll share my favorite Halloween memories with my family over the last few years.

All recipes for the sweet treats can be found on pinterest.

The best memories are made in the kitchen!

Spider web pancakes

Just make some pancakes, melt some icing, add food coloring and let your kids make a spiderweb with black food coloring and a toothpick!

Monster tacos and burritos

Witches brew (broccoli and cheddar soup)and bread broomsticks

Beef stew with cat biscuits

If you have Halloween cookie cutters you can make any shape biscuits to go with your stew.

Hocus Pocus Brownies

We made these tasty brownies while we watched the hocus pocus movie!

Shepard’s boo pie

Snake sandwich

This is a family favorite! Just get refrigerated pizza dough, roll it out, add honey mustard, lunch meat and cheese. Melt butter with some food coloring and brush it onto your snake, add a bell pepper tongue and eyes and pop into the oven.

Jack o lantern quesadillas

The kids love making the quesadilla faces!

Homemade spooky pizzas

You can literally do so much with pizza. Pizza mummies, ghosts and Jack o lanterns!

Of coarse, I have tons of family memories like carving pumpkins, going to fall festivals and trick or treating but the all time favorite Halloween memory was last year at Disney world!

Happy Halloween to you all and make sure to make lots of memories!

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