Her Voice

As a special needs mom, you learn to be the voice for your child.

Whether it’s knowing their facial expressions, sign language, body language or their own language. You learn to know what your child wants and needs.

My daughter speaks to me frequently about life and what’s bothering her. People may not understand her words, but I do.

I am her voice and here is her words.

“I love it when people talk to me and include me in their conversations.”

“Just because I am silent does not mean I am not listening, I hear every word.”

“I do like attention but I do not like being treated like a baby. “

” I startle easy and it embarrasses me so please don’t make a fuss.”

” I love to be included, even if I can’t do everything, I try my best. “

“I like helping people, if you give me a task I will try my hardest to succeed. “

“I face every problem with a smile on my face, but that doesn’t mean I am not sad. “

” I may laugh in a serious situation or if I am in pain but that does not mean I am laughing at the situation.”

” I do wish I could walk and wonder why I cannot. “

” I want to do what others my age are doing, and cannot understand why I can’t. “

” I am scared of my future, and what will happen to me when my mom is no longer here. “

These are Ciara’s words, not mine. This is her voice.

Just because she sits silent in a wheelchair, does not mean she doesn’t have a lot to say. You just have to listen.

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