Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Today is Cerebral Palsy Awareness day. Today I decided to share with you what Cerebral palsy looks like for my daughter Ciara.

On October 8th 1999 I gave birth to an amazing human being. She was full term and I was ready to be induced so I could meet my beautiful little girl. After a medical mistake and loss of oxygen my baby girl began having seizures which led to her brain damage.

After two years of her not meeting her milestones she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

There are many types of Cerebral Palsy. Ciara is Athetoid and spastic which is a little more rare than usual.
Athetoid effects her muscle movements and can cause uncontrollable body movement and also effects her speech. She also developed Dystonia because of the Athetoid CP which led her to having Deep brain stimulation surgery.

Spastic CP is more common and it makes her muscles stiff and tight. She has had to endure countless Botox treatments to try to help the spasticity in her muscles, but it never really helped in her situation.

Neither of the types of CP she has affects her intelligence, she is super smart and listens to every word spoken. She remembers songs and will sing them to you.

Ciara cannot walk and uses a wheelchair but she does not let that stop her. She competed in special Olympics, no limitations sports and leads a special needs girl scout troop.

At twenty years old Ciara has accomplished so much in her life, with a smile in her face. If only I could be that brave.

Ciara graduated from high school, she was nominated homecoming queen and attended her prom.
Her future is so bright. I know she can do whatever she sets her heart to, with a little help from mom.

Even though Cerebral palsy looks different in every person diagnosed, one thing remains the same. They all want to be excepted and included. They suffer greatly with smiles on their face and bring happiness to all they encounter.

I cannot image my life without Ciara. There has been many tears but a lot of smiles on this journey.

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