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New Year, New Me

Every year at the end of the one year and the beginning of a new one, we see everyone making their New Years Resolutions. To lose weight, get their finances in order or to find their soul mate.

I personally hate resolutions, it puts so much pressure on me to strive to succeed in the coming year. So when I do not achieve my goals, I feel like a total loser.

For 2020 I will not be joining a new gym or buying the latest weight loss products, I simply choose a better me for 2020.

Here is my list of my not so resolutions for the new year.

  • I will love myself no matter my size.
  •  I will value my time and have more ME time
  •  I will stop being a people pleaser and put myself first.
  •  I will not change who I am for others to like me.
  •  I will appreciate the friends that I have and spend more time with them.
  •  I will balance being a mother and wife without losing myself in the process.
  •  I will stress less and enjoy life more.
  •  I will learn to love myself unconditionally, mind, body and soul.

This year I hope to find who I really am, not what others want me to be. I will be selfish and think of myself a little more. The most important of them all is I hope by the time 2020 comes to an end, that I can truly say I love everything about myself, and can help others to see their beauty as well.

Happy New years to all you wonderful people!! Thank you for following my Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life and check out my Facebook page


Acts of Kindness

Christmas is the time of year for giving. Unfortunately, we get so wrapped up in the wants and needs of our kids, that we forget to give to others in need.

Christmas can be a very hard time for some. Whether it is not having enough money to have Christmas, memories of a loved one lost at Christmas time or being alone for Christmas.

So I think it is important to remember those that are suffering through the holiday time. Just one act of kindness towards another can make this holiday so much better for someone.

*Send a Christmas Card


With all the technology, we tend to forget we can still use the Post Office and send a card. It is so much easier to send a mass “MERRY CHRISTMAS” on social media, but it touches the heart more to actually receive a card. I try to send a Christmas card out every year with pictures of my family, but I too have been guilty of not sending Christmas cards. I received one card this year and let me tell you, it meant so much to open that card. To know that someone thought of me and my family enough to send a card, that is priceless.

*Box of Treats

christmas cookies giftboxedit1

Sometimes the sweetest gesture is SWEETS. If you are going to be doing Christmas baking anyways, why not box some up and give to others. I personally like to make Christmas candy and package them up for my neighbors, and I look forward to the treats I get from them as well. Another sweet gesture is wrapping up some Christmas cookies for your local Post Man and putting them in the mailbox for them to retrieve.

* Donations


There are so many families that won’t be able to have Christmas this year because they cannot afford it. I know that my husband and I have struggled in the past to make ends meet at Christmas and would have loved the help. So donating to local charities or even finding a family in need that you can help, can make some little kids Christmas a lot better.

* Let Someone know You are Thinking of Them


If you know of someone struggling this Holiday season, just let them know you are thinking of them. Sometimes that smallest gesture can bring them out of a hole they have fallen in at Christmas.

* Just be nice


Sounds simple enough, right? Well unfortunately there are many that make Christmas time a nightmare. I get it, we are all stressed, but spread a little holiday cheer instead of stealing Christmas joy like the Grinch. If I am a grouch and hate that I have to be last minute shopping, I will at least give you a smile and a Merry Christmas when you ram my basket. Even if I want to throat punch you.

* Visit a Nursing Home or Hospital


There are so many elderly people in nursing homes that may not have anybody visit them on Christmas. Just a simple Christmas card and a Merry Christmas will lift their spirits and show them that someone does care about them. There is also so many in hospitals this time of year, so the same can apply to them. They may need some holiday joy to lift their spirits.

There are so many things you can do at Christmas to spread some love around. These are just a few things, the list goes on and on.

Just remember Christmas is about giving, not just to your kids and close family. It is supposed to be a time we all share with one another and show love towards one another. 

Merry Christmas and God Bless!


Dealing with Holiday Anxiety

Christmas is really the most magical and beautiful time of year. It is also the most stressful. Between finding those must have gifts, crowds everywhere and juggling all the Christmas parties and activities. It can be a bit too much for those of us who suffer from Anxiety, heck I think it can be overwhelming for those who don’t suffer from Anxiety.

This year I have struggled to find my Holiday enthusiasm, and I Love Christmas time! I love the glowing lights everywhere, the ambiance of Christmas, and the way Christmas makes you feel like a kid again. But unfortunately I am not a kid anymore, and Christmas has become a stress overload.

I do not want to start hating Christmas because of the stress and anxiety of the crowds, money being spent and the amount of things spinning around me. I want to really enjoy this time of year with my family.

So I have compiled a list of some Holiday de-stressers.


*Watch A Christmas Movie

I love sitting by a fire, with some coffee watching a Christmas movie. Okay, lets be realistic, I live in Texas and most days it is not cold enough for a fire and I am usually out of coffee. So I may not have that perfect setting while watching a nice Christmas movie, but I still like to snuggle in bed and find a great heart warming movie to watch. Find those types of Christmas movies that pull at those heart strings, you know where you sit back and think “well, I am so blessed”. I am not a fan of those love story Christmas movies, but hey to each their own, if that’s what you like. I LOVE the magical movies, you know with SANTA or even a hilarious Christmas comedy. So just sit back, relax and watch a Christmas movie.


* Go look at Christmas Lights

Me and my family love getting in the car with some hot chocolate and driving around town looking at all the Christmas lights. When the kids were younger we could decorate the car with Christmas lights and tell the kids they were going on a Polar Express adventure. It sounds so magical don’t it? Well it usually ended with the dreaded “I’m Bored” and spilt hot chocolate all over the Polar Express. These days I do not put the added stress into it. We still get our hot chocolate but we just take it easy and just drive.


*Bake Something

Okay so this is a little contradictory. Baking can be added stress, well for me anyway. First, I am terrible at cookies but I love to bake them, so getting them right can be a little stressful. Then you got that horrible mess you left behind, you know like flour on the ceiling and stuff. But every year I cannot wait to find recipes and get in that kitchen, There is just something about Christmas that makes me wanna be like little Mrs. Claus. If you hate baking, don’t do it, but if you do like baking get in that kitchen and whip up some Christmas treats, and leave the mess for another day.


*Remember the Reason for the Season

I think we all get so wrapped up in the buying and what we all think we HAVE to do at Christmas, we forget the reason we are celebrating. Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and remember why we celebrate this holiday and how we can be better for HIM. Which brings me to my next de-stresser.


*Go to Church

I seriously need to take my own advice on this one. I have let this crazy world get in between me and my Christianity and find that I make excuses not to go to Church. Realistically Church is the ultimate de-stresser. When I go I can feel the stress leave me and a feeling of hope enters. Not too mention that at Christmas time there is so much beautiful music and wonderful activities for your family. Even if you do not have a Church, find one and just go to one in your town. Believe me you will be welcomed with open arms.


*Enjoy your Family and Friends

I so often forget why I go through all this mayhem at Christmas time. I do it for those two beautiful creatures I made and that big, burly man I married. Every stress filled moment is for their happiness, but I know that a stressed out mom does not make them happy. So I put that to do list down and spend quality time with them. Build a Gingerbread house together or just share some of those Christmas treats you baked with them and watch a movie together. Just remember why you do what you do and enjoy all the small things about Christmas time.

I hope some of these Holiday de- stressers help you this Christmas season.

Just remember it all goes by so fast, so enjoy every second with your loved ones.

family pic