I am Thankful for the Mess

Here lately I have been in a bit of a mom funk. You know where you feel as if your life is defined by that pile of dirty laundry or that sink full of dishes. It feels as if my life is overcome by a house that needs cleaning everyday and people need to be fed everyday. The mom funk can consume you and make you feel like curling up in a ball in bed and crying, until the kids or husband need something.

So as I sat wondering if there was more to life than this mess I have to clean everyday, and I find myself Thankful for this mess of a life. I think about a life without this mess. A life without my kids and my husband. That life seemed very sad and lonely. So this Thanksgiving here is what I am thankful for in my life.

Overflowing of dirty laundry







*I am Thankful for the laundry

I am thankful for the clothes I have to wash each and everyday, because that means that I can provide clean clothes for my family to wear.




*I am Thankful for the house I get to clean

I am Thankful to have a home that I can keep clean for my family. Even if that means sweeping, mopping and cleaning nasty toilets.


Housewife on the kitchen

*I am Thankful for the meals I get to cook

I am Thankful my family does not have to go without food and I have the opportunity to cook for them, even if they do complain.









*I am Thankful I am a mom

I am so Thankful I get to be a mom. Even if it means non stop Doctor Appointments, School Meetings, bath times and being a mom taxi. I love being a mom! I cannot imagine my life without my little mess makers.








*I am Thankful for my Husband

I am Thankful that my husband gets up everyday and goes to work to provide for us, even if he doesn’t seem to know where the laundry room is or how a dishwasher works.


*I am Thankful for me

I am Thankful that I find the strength everyday to get up and face life head on. I may not always want to, but I do what I gotta do each and every day.


Of coarse there is so much more I am Thankful for in my life, but these are my blessings in life I may take for granted.

Be Thankful for the messes in your life. 


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