Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life

Welcome to my new blog ” Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life”. I recently decided to go on a journey of self love . To me what that means is loving my body no matter what size. I have been overweight most of my life. No matter how hard I tried I have never been able to get the weight off. Today we have so many plus size inspirations out there, for instance Whitney Thore with her “No Body Shame“, and Tess Holiday rocking the plus size modeling. I want to be where they are with their self love, but sadly I am not quite there. Somedays and I am “who cares if I am big, I am beautiful!“, and other days I am “I hate being FAT!“. So today I start my journey to love myself no matter what size I am, and I hope others can join me in truly loving yourself.

My goal is to promote big girl self love and also plus size living. For instance, new plus size fashion that will definitely make you love your body and different makeup styles for our round faces.

I hope my blog will show that nobody is perfect, big or small, and we all should love ourselves the way God made us.

By Jennifer Cotton

Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect Plus Life! I started this page so that I could share my journey to loving myself.
I am a plus size mom of two wonderful kiddos. Ciara is 19 and Leland is 13. They are my world! I am also married to the man I began dating when I was 16! It has been a long and bumpy road but I think we are getting a hang of this married stuff.
I have been overweight for most of my life and I don't think I have ever truly loved my body the way it is. So I am starting this journey to self love and I hope that I can have others to join me a long the way!

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