• Acts of Kindness

    Acts of Kindness

    Christmas is the time of year for giving. Unfortunately, we get so wrapped up in the wants and needs of our kids, that we forget to give to others in need.

    Christmas can be a very hard time for some. Whether it is not having enough money to have Christmas, memories of a loved one lost at Christmas time or being alone for Christmas.

    So I think it is important to remember those that are suffering through the holiday time. Just one act of kindness towards another can make this holiday so much better for someone.

    *Send a Christmas Card


    With all the technology, we tend to forget we can still use the Post Office and send a card. It is so much easier to send a mass “MERRY CHRISTMAS” on social media, but it touches the heart more to actually receive a card. I try to send a Christmas card out every year with pictures of my family, but I too have been guilty of not sending Christmas cards. I received one card this year and let me tell you, it meant so much to open that card. To know that someone thought of me and my family enough to send a card, that is priceless.

    *Box of Treats

    christmas cookies giftboxedit1

    Sometimes the sweetest gesture is SWEETS. If you are going to be doing Christmas baking anyways, why not box some up and give to others. I personally like to make Christmas candy and package them up for my neighbors, and I look forward to the treats I get from them as well. Another sweet gesture is wrapping up some Christmas cookies for your local Post Man and putting them in the mailbox for them to retrieve.

    * Donations


    There are so many families that won’t be able to have Christmas this year because they cannot afford it. I know that my husband and I have struggled in the past to make ends meet at Christmas and would have loved the help. So donating to local charities or even finding a family in need that you can help, can make some little kids Christmas a lot better.

    * Let Someone know You are Thinking of Them


    If you know of someone struggling this Holiday season, just let them know you are thinking of them. Sometimes that smallest gesture can bring them out of a hole they have fallen in at Christmas.

    * Just be nice


    Sounds simple enough, right? Well unfortunately there are many that make Christmas time a nightmare. I get it, we are all stressed, but spread a little holiday cheer instead of stealing Christmas joy like the Grinch. If I am a grouch and hate that I have to be last minute shopping, I will at least give you a smile and a Merry Christmas when you ram my basket. Even if I want to throat punch you.

    * Visit a Nursing Home or Hospital


    There are so many elderly people in nursing homes that may not have anybody visit them on Christmas. Just a simple Christmas card and a Merry Christmas will lift their spirits and show them that someone does care about them. There is also so many in hospitals this time of year, so the same can apply to them. They may need some holiday joy to lift their spirits.

    There are so many things you can do at Christmas to spread some love around. These are just a few things, the list goes on and on.

    Just remember Christmas is about giving, not just to your kids and close family. It is supposed to be a time we all share with one another and show love towards one another. 

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  • Life As A Caregiver

    Life As A Caregiver

    This past year, I have become a full- time caregiver.

    Not only am I a caregiver to my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, I have also become my mother’s caregiver as well.

    My mother severely broke her leg a little over a year ago.

    After surgery, and a few months in a rehabilitation facility, she came to live with me.

    She is now back in her home, but still relies heavily on my care.

    I now, not only, take care of my daughter’s daily care but have to include my mother’s care as well.

    The past year has been overcome with medication refills, Doctor appointments, therapy appointments and many more tasks for caring for my loved ones.

    Sometimes, I feel as if I’m drowning in a sea of self pity and hopelessness.

    I began to feel myself fall deeper into a pit of depression and everyday I seemed more and more like a different person.

    I was no longer the Jennifer I once was, I was just a caregiver.

    Things that once brought me joy, such as doing my makeup or fixing my hair, seemed like too much energy to spare.

    Everyday seemed just like the day before. Medication refills, phone calls, battling insurance, driving non stop.

    I had nothing to look forward to, nothing I wanted to waste my energy on.

    Then, as I read my daily devotional, I came across something that opened my eyes to see my true purpose.

    From the Daily Word, Love, Inspiration, and Guidance for Everyone.

    Thank God there are people who provide for the care and well- being of others. And perhaps I know and am praying with caring people who give much- needed service and attention to me or my loved ones. All around the world, people- professionals, family and friends- are helping hands. “

    Caring for others day after day requires that a person be responsible, compassionate, and, most important, loving. God is working through caregivers and providing them with the faith, assurance, and wisdom to meet all situations. “

    I extend my love and blessings to the caregivers I know and to the caregivers of the world by affirming this prayer: God blesses all caregivers with the strength and courage needed to care for others. “

    This resongnated within me. How truly blessed I am to be trusted by God to be a caregiver. This is part of my journey in life and God’s plan for me.

    Does that mean I should let me happiness sit on the sidelines? I don’t think so, I think I should manage my time better and make more time for me, but also make sure my loved ones are well- taken care of and happy.

    One day, my mother will no longer be here and I will be in another season in life, but I am truly blessed to get to spend everyday caring for her needs and spending as much time as possible with her.

    Taking care of others doesn’t mean you have to give up yourself, it just means your are meant for a greater purpose.

    I am still working on managing my time better and learning to do more for myself but everyday I choose to take pride in the care I give my loved ones and enjoy each and every day I have with them.

    ” Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I; send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

  • Influence Yourself

    Influence Yourself

    Social media has become more and more popular, and “Influencers” play a big part in our decision making and how we feel about ourselves.

    I have my favorite Influencers as well, and they do play a big part in how I feel about myself.

    Recently, one of my favorite influencers had gained some weight, but she remained beautiful and humble.

    I have watched her videos for years and she, like myself, struggles with her weight. She always looks gorgeous, no matter her weight, but I really enjoy watching her spreading confidence.

    I struggle with my own insecurities with my body image, but seeing her still make videos even after gaining weight gave me hope that I could be as beautiful as her and feel good about my body.

    I haven’t been keeping up with her latest videos, but today I ran across one of her videos, and she has lost quite a bit of weight.

    I immediately tuned in to see how she lost all that weight in less than a year.

    She was advertising the products she used to lose her weight, and of course my interest peaked, I had to click on the website to see these products.

    I quickly noticed that I cannot afford these products, because they are very expensive. My husband and I make enough to pay the bills, but not for too many unneeded costs.

    Even after knowing that I cannot afford these products, I continued to watch her “live” to see if maybe there was more to the story of how she lost the weight. After reading some of the comments some people were stating that “she had liposuction to lose the weight”. I don’t know if there is any truth in that statement, but the overall feeling throughout the comments was this was a very unaffordable weight loss option, that she was advertising.

    I love this influencer, and she is a very sweet woman. I would never degrade her because, I know that she is just doing her job. She works hard to influence her followers and believe me it is a lot of work. So, I’m sure she does make more money than me to be able to afford these products. .

    I decided to stop reading the comments and watch the influencer, the influencer that shows how to be a confident woman of God.

    Then, as I noticed her slipping on some jeans, and admiring how big they were on her now, I felt a rush of sadness consume me. A sadness about my own weight, Because those jeans were the same size jeans that I wear now.

    Do I think she wanted to make me feel bad about my weight ? My answer is No, she is a great person. I don’t think she would ever want me to feel sadness because of her video.

    But, it really did hurt my feelings.

    I began feeling angry. First, she makes a video advertising weight loss products that I cannot afford, then she brags about how “bigmy size jeans are.

    Is it really influencers job to make us feel good about ourselves?

    I felt sadness because of my lack of self confidence, and because of my body image insecurities. But it goes deeper than just my outer appearance.

    I have stopped loving myself and I always focus on what’s wrong with me, instead I need to learn to embrace all my flaws and see my true worth.

    Today, I have decided I’m going to start my journey to truly loving myself inside and out. It’s not influencers job to make us love ourselves, they are there to encourage us and to help us, but to truly love ourselves we have to do the work.

    Who wants to go on this journey with me? I’m going to be starting a new series for Perfectly Imperfect plus life, my journey to realizing my self worth, and truly loving everything about myself. I am so excited and can’t wait to start this journey with all my followers.

    Please remember you are worth so much more in this life and influencers cannot make you feel bad about yourself if you truly love yourself. If you don’t I encourage you to go on this journey with me, we can do this together!

  • Bob Sandlin Lake Vacation

    Bob Sandlin Lake Vacation

    My family and I have a goal to visit every Lake in Texas.

    We have marked off another Texas lake, Bob Sandlin Lake in Pittsburg, Texas.

    Once we arrived to our vacation rental, we were stunned at the amazing scenery and beautifully decorated, cozy cabin.

    After unloading and unpacking, we decided to pick up a grocery order I placed at the closest Walmart, 21 minutes away. But, we got to see more of the area and even some deer crossing the road.

    It was so nice getting away from the hustle and bustle of Waco traffic and construction. We enjoyed scenic views and no traffic jams!

    Our first night, we just lazed around the cabin and the boys did some fishing.

    On our first day on the lake, we took advantage of the canoes and Lily pad the owners graciously let us use during our stay.

    The Lily pad was great! I’m not a big fan of squishy mud going between my toes, so lounging on the Lily pad was my favorite pass time of the vacation.

    After a long day on the water, we enjoyed the many decks of the cabin. We sat and played games, enjoyed burgers and smores, with the lake sparkling in the background.

    As soon as the sun went down, we headed to the boat dock for some night time fishing.

    Leland caught the biggest fish, but I caught the most fish. Ciara even tried to kiss her fish she caught.

    After a long first day of fun, we settled into the most comfortable bed. Seriously, I didn’t want to come back home to my not so comfortable bed.

    I slept like I haven’t slept in a year, I got so much needed rest and didn’t have to set any alarms!

    Our next day started with a nice breakfast, while gazing at the amazing view from the living room window.

    We enjoyed the lake for a while, until the sun was a little too much to handle. Then we headed inside to the wonderful air conditioner and played games, listened to music, and baked cookies.

    After the sun went down a bit, we headed back outside to enjoy ice cream floats and watching TV on the deck.

    I loved this cabin so much, I felt sadness leaving. But our dogs, friends and family were waiting for us back in Waco.

    So, we had to pack up and take in as much as we could of this fantastic location.

    I would definitely recommend this vacation property. My only disclosure is that the hill to the water was a little steeper than I expected, making it a bit of a struggle getting Ciara down to the water and back up to the cabin. And there was quite a bit more steps than expected but that was my bad, for not paying more attention to the listing.

    Other than that, this property had everything we were looking for. Seclusion, amazing scenery, clean and inviting cabin.

    I would love to visit back in the Fall, I bet it’s even more gorgeous.

    Thanks for checking out our vacation at Bob Sandlin Lake. Below is the link for Pinehill Cabin.


  • Be Still and Know He is With You

    Be Still and Know He is With You

    This post is very hard to write. This post will expose my weaknesses and allow you all to see my life, beyond social media.

    I suffer from anxiety and depression. I take medication, but sometimeslife” takes control and my depression and anxiety take over.

    Recently, I have fallen into a hole of “self pity” and questioned MY worth.

    I fell deeper and deeper into a pit of sorrow and I could not find my way out.

    Feelings of aloneness, resentment, and feelings of being “unlovedsurrounded me.

    I finally got to my breaking point, after months of the constantrush” of life and people letting me down.

    After, one very long day of scorching Texas heat, appointments after appointments, coming home to a dirty house and having to cook dinner, I broke.

    I lost control of my emotions. I could not stop the flood of feelings. Anger, sadness, loneliness and exhaustion encompassed me.

    In pure weakness, I tried to take my own life. It was like everything I work so hard for everyday, didn’t even matter. In an instant, I regretted my actions.

    My husband stopped me from making the biggest mistake of my life, and I’m grateful for him, but I immediately knew I just made a huge mistake and I couldn’t take it back.

    The damage was already done. I had scared my children and my husband. I made them question why their wife and mother would leave them. I instantly felt ashamed of myself and broken hearted for what I just did to my family.

    How could I be so strong, for so long, then in a moment of weakness, take everything away from my family.

    I knew, the only hope for me would be from a higher power, God. I was so consumed with shame, I couldn’t ask God for help.

    I ran across a daily devotional that stopped me in my tracks. It said “quiet your mind and listen for God.” “Pray for God to quiet your thoughts, so you can hear God’s words. ”

    Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. My thoughts encompass me, so I feel alone from God, because I can’t hear his Words to guide me.

    I immediately prayed for my mind to be still and let me hear the Words of my Creator.

    In an instant, my mind went calm, and I could hear my Lord and Savior comforting my soul.

    He said to me ” Do I get all the love and appreciation for all I do?” ” Does everyone I love, love me back?” “Do people I love not disappoint me?” “But I continue to love them And I will never give up on them. ”

    I came to a realization, we don’t have to be love or appreciated in this World. We do these things and love one another because our God leads us to do so.

    Not for money, popularity, fame or recognition. We do it for our Lord Jesus Christ, because He appreciates us and loves us. That’s all that matters.

    Jesus suffered immensely, for each and every one of us. He was not popular or recognized for all of His generosity and love. But He never gave up and still does not give up, even when the people of this world let Him down.

    God didn’t promise everything would be easy. Life gets hard, people let us down, but we push through for God.

    This world is not our home, there is a grander place waiting for us. A place without hate, a place without worry.

    I can’t wait to go there and be with My Lord, but only when it’s God’s time, not mine.

    I will continue to walk the path of righteousness. I will love others, even if they don’t love me back. I will help others without expecting anything in return.

    I don’t claim to be a “goodChristian. I have a lot of work to do to transform me into the Christian women I am meant to be. But I pray God will mold me into the ” child of God“, I am meant to be.

    Always know, God is with you and he loves you. You just have to quiet your thoughts and listen to His Words.

    Psalm 37:7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices!

  • My Top 10 Amazon Prime Day Deals

    My Top 10 Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Amazon Prime is having Prime Days July 12th and 13th. The website is full of deals, but it can get a little overwhelming, looking through all the deals.

    I have decided to pick my top prime day deals, under $25.00, in hopes that you can get some of these amazing deals.

    This post contains affiliate links and every purchase helps me to provide for my family.

    Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Charcoal with Sengled Bluetooth Color bulb | Alexa smart home starter kit

    The list price is $64.99, but you can get this for $19.99 during Prime Days.

    Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder, 9.33 oz, Unflavored with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C

    I love this Brand of Collagen. The list price is $27.00 but on Prime Days, you can get it for $17.49.

    Skullcandy Dime True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds – Golden Orange

    These earbuds are adorable! They list at $26.99 but you can snag them for $19.49 during Prime Days.

    CamelBak eddy Kids BPA Free Water Bottle

    I am a sucker for good cups for my daughter, and this cup looks perfect for “no spills“. The list price is $13.00 but for Prime Days the price is $9.10.

    Yankee Candle Iced Berry Lemonade Scented, Signature 20oz Large Tumbler 2-Wick Candle, Over 60 Hours of Burn Time

    Yankee Candles smell amazing. Normally, I wouldn’t pay over $20.00 for a candle but for Prime Days you can get it for $16.09 instead of $30.99.

    Victoria’s Secret Pink Honey Nourishing Body Scrub with Pure Honey

    I love me some Victoria Secrets body products. This Honey Scrub looks so nourishing and I bet it smells delicious. It lists at $17.95 but grab it on Prime Days for $9.11.

    Bentgo® Salad – Stackable Lunch Container with Large 54-oz Salad Bowl, 4-Compartment Bento-Style Tray for Toppings, 3-oz Sauce Container for Dressings, Built-In Reusable Fork & BPA-Free (Purple)

    This Salad Container lists for $29.99 but for Prime Days it is only $11.99! This would be a great buy.

    TIKI® Brand 2-Pack 7 inch Decorative Tabletop Gnome Torch

    These little Gnome Tiki Tabletop Torches are too cute! They list for $29.99, you can get these adorable Gnomes for $16.80 during Prime Days.

    Refrigerator Organizer Bins, Clear Plastic Fridge Organizer with Built-In Handles for Freezer, Cabinet, Countertops, Cupboard, Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage Bins(Set of 6,3 Large & 3 Medium)

    This item is going fast so you better grab it soon! These containers list for $46.99 but you can get them for $24.58!

    Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint | High Pigment Color, Longwear, Weightless, Not Animal Tested, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free | #030 CLASSIC NUDE, 0.14 fl oz

    This Velvet Lip tint looks amazing! Grab it for $5.90 during Prime Days, regular price is $9.99. There are different colors to choose from as well.

    Ello Cru Stemless Wine Glass Set with Silicone Sleeves

    These Wine Glasses have a silicon sleeve for easy carrying. These glasses list for $24.99 but you can get them for $19.99 during Prime Days.

    Don’t forget to snag you some good deals July 12-13, I know I will be doing some shopping myself.

    Happy Shopping!

  • Lake Vacation Must Haves

    Lake Vacation Must Haves

    My family and I will be getting ready this week for a much needed Lake Vacation.

    Every year we try to visit a different Lake in Texas. We have visited so many wonderful places and really enjoy the relaxation and unwinding by the Lake.

    If you are planning a Lake Vacation soon, I have some Must Haves that I have found useful for our Vacations.

    This post contains Affiliate Links and every purchase, through the link I provide, helps me provide for my family.

    If you order through Amazon’s Prime Days July12-13, you may get a better deal than I did when I ordered these Lake Vacation Must Haves.

    Marshmallow or Hot Dog Roasting Sticks

    Marshmallow Roasting Sticks kit-Telescoping Stainless Steel Cookware Set Forks for Smores & Best Camping Accessories for Kids Over Campfire & Hot Dog Fire Pit Cooking


    These come in handy when you are roasting marshmallows’ or hot dogs over the fire.

    Soda Can Covers

    Clear Soda Can Lids (6 Pack) | Superior Can Covers For Soda, Beer, Energy Drinks, Juice, Seltzer | Must-Have Picnic Accessories & Beach Gadgets | BPA-Free Reusable Fizz Lids | By Smart House Inc


    These are great for keeping bugs out of your drinks.

    Shower Bag

    Shower Bag, ULG Mesh Shower Caddy with Waterproof Bag and Slippers Pocket, Large Hanging Portable Shower Tote Beach Bag with S Hook for College, Dorm, Gym, Camp, Beach, Pool


    This bag is perfect for camping at the Lake. If you have to go to a public shower, this will save you a lot of hassle.

    Water Shoes

    ANLUKE Womens Mens Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Water Sport


    Water shoes are a major Must Have for swimming in Lakes, they protect your feet from rocks, glass or any other sharp objects waiting to stab your feet.

    Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Clip 4 – Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Big Audio and Punchy bass, Integrated Carabiner, IP67 Waterproof and dustproof, 10 Hours of Playtime, Speaker for Home, Outdoor and Travel – (Pink)


    This Mini Bluetooth speaker is perfect for lazing on the Lake while enjoying some good tunes.


    EverBrite 9-LED Flashlight 6-Pack Impact Handheld Torch Assorted Colors with Lanyard 3AAA Battery Included (Hurricane Supplies, Camping,


    Flashlights are very useful for night fishing or camping.


    MalloMe Lanterns Battery Powered LED – Camping Lantern Emergency Hurricane Lights – Portable Camp Tent Lamp Light Operated at Home, Indoor, Power Outages


    Lanterns are a must have, whether you are camping or lodging.


    Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler


    Chairs always come in handy, especially with the cooler attached. You can relax by the water with you drinks staying chilled.


    BolBom*S Beach Towel 100% Cotton Bath Towel, Pack of 6, Cabana Stripe Beach Towel, Large Pool Towels (30″ x 60”), Highly Absorbent, Light Weight, Soft and Quick Dry Swim Towels, for Parties, Guests


    Towels are definitely a must have. Vacation rentals usually only supply towels for showering or baths, not for outdoor use. We bring a lot of towels with us on every vacation.


    Intex 58837EP River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 951/2″ x 62″


    This Inflatable water Float is perfect for lazing on the river or in the lake. And it even has a cooler!

    I hope you enjoyed my Lake Must Haves, I know all these products have been a lifesaver for my family.

    Leave me a comment and tell me where you are Vacationing this Summer.

  • Let’s Normalize Disabilities

    Let’s Normalize Disabilities

    Over the last 22 years of being a special needs mom, I have met so many wonderful people with disabilities. I have learned from them and they hold a special place in my heart.

    Many people don’t get the opportunity to meet these “special people“, or get to know them. I wonder, if I would have ever gotten the chance to know them, if I didn’t have a special needs child.

    The other day, while shopping, I noticed an elderly man just standing in the middle of the isle. I looked over and saw Ciara next to me in her wheelchair. He had plenty of room to pass her but instead he stood there, baffled at what to do. I ushered Ciara to move, and she preceded to move as close as she could to the other side of the aisle, he then proceeded to say “thank you” and walked pass her.

    I got a little irritated, that first of all, he didn’t just say “excuse me” or just simply walk pass her. Instead, he chose to just stand there until she moved.

    I’ve thought about it, and maybe he just didn’t know how to handle that situation because he had never encountered someone with a disability.

    Back in the older days, people with disabilities were hidden away or institutionalize, as if they didn’t exist.

    Today, we know so much more about disabilities and we know their lives are worth so much more, but we still have to teach the world how to love and accept them.

    I take Ciara everywhere, and have always taught her to never let her disability stop her from living a full life, but I have to admit, there are days when “people” get on my last nerve.

    There are certain people that have no patience, and can be very rude at grocery stores or shopping centers. They tend to act like we are burdening them by having a wheelchair in their way. I usually apologize and move Ciara out of their way. But why must we cater to them? Ciara has the right to shop and exist without their permission.

    We, as caregivers, have to stand up and show this world our loved ones have just as many rights as anyone and have so much to give to this world.

    The staring use to bother me but I have come to a realization. People stare at everything, whether it’s a person with a disability or someone with a big butt. People will be people and not all staring is a bad thing.

    If a beautiful lady was being stared at, she would chalk it up to her beauty being admired. Not all staring is about being different, sometimes people are just curious or are in admiration.

    We need the world to see our “special” human beings and let them see all the amazing things they can do, instead of hiding them away from the world out of fear of not being accepted.

    Let’s normalize people with disabilities, encourage others to know your loved one, teach them, and be patient.

    Get them out into the world, take them places you normally wouldn’t go, and let’s show the world how they deserve to be treated.

    If you don’t know anybody with a disability, I encourage you to get to know them, you won’t regret it!

    Children and adults with disabilities should not be hidden from the world, let’s show everybody what they can do!

  • Plus Size 4th of July Outfit Ideas

    Plus Size 4th of July Outfit Ideas

    Independence Day is approaching and, if you are like me, you want the perfect stars and stripes outfit to wear for the festivities.

    Texas is hotter than H-E- double hockey sticks right now, so I will be spending my 4th in the pool. I was looking for a patriotic swim suit, when I decided to put together a 4th of July outfit guide for my curvy girls.

    Upon, browsing the Patriotic outfits on Amazon, I found so many cute clothing pieces, until I read the reviews. There was so many I had to turn down, due to bad reviews.

    Every item on this list has at least a 4 star review, great fabric and good quality for us big girls.

    So, here is my Amazon Plus Size 4th of July Outfit Ideas.

    Perfect Back yard BBQ Outfit

    Whether you are enjoying a nice backyard 4th BBQ, or heading out for a picnic at the park, these outfits are comfortable and festive for your Holiday.

    ROSRISS Women’s Plus Size Raglan Short Sleeve Striped T Shirts Leopard Print Casual Tee Tops


    Rubugil Womens Plus Size Denim Jean Shorts High Waisted Stretch Denim Shorts Frayed Folded Hem Short Jeans


    These patriotic shorts and red, white and blue top would be perfect paired with a pair of sneakers, for you’re backyard BBQ.

    The shorts run true to size and the size goes up to 26.

    The top runs true to size and the size goes up to 28.

    Plus Size 4th of July Tops for Women American Flag Striped Star Graphic Shirt Independence Day Tee Blouse


    This top is so American! You will be the “star of the show” in this top!

    Runs true to size and the size goes up to 4xl.

    DOLNINE Womens Plus Size Tops Short Sleeve Striped Raglan Tunics with Pockets


    This T-Shirt has pockets! How cute would you look wearing this top with some white shorts, and a pair of flip flops?? This would be perfect for a 4th of July family picnic.

    This top runs true to size and goes up to a size 28.

    ROSRISS Women’s Plus Size Raglan Short Sleeve Striped T Shirts Leopard Print Casual Tee Tops


    This is the last T-Shirt, I promise, but look how cute this top is! It has a subtle patriotic look and would go with shorts or a skirt. I could see myself in my favorite lounge chair, enjoying BBQ and Fireworks in this beautiful top.

    The size runs true to size and goes up to a size 28.

    4th of July Swim Suits and Cover Ups

    If you are like me, and enjoying the swimming pool for your 4th of July, these swimsuits and cover ups would be perfect for relaxing in the water this Independence Day.

    Sovoyontee Women’s 2 Piece Plus Size High Waisted Swimsuit Bathing Suit

    This swim suit would not be good for me, since I have a bigger belly, but I know some of you beautiful, curvy girls that will rock this!

    I will have a swim suit option for my big belly girls, later in this post.

    Runs true to size and goes up to a 4xl.


    Wolddress Womens Casual Sleeveless Plus Size Loose Plain Long Maxi Dress with Pockets


    This Maxi Dress would be perfect over your bathing suit for a fourth of July swim party.

    This fits true to size and has a variety of colors. You can go with blue or white with this versatile dress. The size goes up to a 4xl.

    Yonique Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits for Women Flowy Bathing Suits with Shorts 2 Piece V Neck Swimwear


    This swim dress is absolutely adorable! It has just enough patriotisms, with a hint of retro. I absolutely love it!

    If you have a bigger belly, like me, this swim suit would be perfect for relaxing in the pool for your 4th of July holiday.

    This swim suit runs true to size and goes up to size 28.

    Aqua Eve Women Plus Size Tankini Swimsuit Two Piece Flowy Swimdress Bathing Suits with Shorts


    This patriotic swim suit has won my heart! This is the one for me, it’s perfect for camouflaging my big belly as I float the day away in the pool.

    This swimsuit runs true to size and the size goes up to a size 26.

    disputent Womens Swimsuits Cover Ups Crochet Chiffon Beach Cover Bathing Suit Bikini Wear Coverups Dress


    So, usually I do not even considerone size” clothing, but this cover up has the option for “one size regular“, andone size plus“.

    It also has good reviews from other “plus size” women, and it is absolutely perfect for those of us who are not completely comfortable with our swimsuit body.

    Going Out 4th of July Outfits

    If you have plans on hitting the town for a night out on 4th of July, these outfits would be perfect. Whether you are going out for drinks or attending a 4th of July soiree, these pieces are sure to make a statement.

    RITERA Plus Size Basic Versatile Stretchy Elastic Waist Flared Casual Mini Skater Skirt/Pleated Plaid Skirt for Women XL-5XL


    Now, if you really want to “dress to impress“, this skirt would be a show stopper for your 4th of July party.

    There are so many options to pair this with! Plain red tank top, white T-shirt, or even wear it over your swim suit. The options are endless.

    This skirt runs true to size and goes all the way up to a 5xl.

    Nemidor Women’s Cold Shoulder Plus Size Casual T-Shirt Swing Dress with Pockets


    I am usually not a fan of “cold shoulder” dresses, but this one is adorable and has pockets!

    This dress goes up to a size 26 and runs true to size.

    Nemidor Women’s Round Neck Summer Casual Plus Size Fit and Flare Midi Dress with Pocket


    If you are looking for a more subtle option for your festivities, this Midi Dress would be a perfect subtle look.

    This dress comes in other colors and the size goes up to a 26.

    Plus Size Skirt Sets – Stretchy Two Piece Dresses Bodycon Tanks Crop Top + Bandage Midi Skirt Suits


    If you want to flaunt them curves for 4th of July, this Bodycon tank crop top and Midi Skirt would be perfect for showing them beautiful curves.

    This top and skirt combo runs true to size and goes up to a size 5x.

    Plus Size 4th of July Tops for Women American Flag Striped Star Graphic Shirt Independence Day Tee Blouse


    This American Flag inspired tank top could be perfectly paired with a Maxi skirt or a cute skater dress. You can dress it up or down this tank top.

    The size goes up to a size 4x.

    I hope you enjoyed my Amazon Plus Size 4th of July Outfit Ideas, I hope you a have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

    This post contains affiliate links. Every purchase helps me get closer to getting my patriotic swim dress.

  • My Top Amazon Plus Size Outfits for Summer

    My Top Amazon Plus Size Outfits for Summer

    Anyone who knows me, knows I am a shopaholic. I love the thrill of finding cute new outfits, and getting all dolled up.

    With gas prices skyrocketing and the cost of food is soaring higher and higher, my budget does not allow for my clothing addiction.

    I know, clothes shopping can be stressful for some people. A lot of people have switched to online shopping, to avoid the crowds, or to find a better selection.

    Even online shopping can be difficult and time consuming.

    I was browsing Amazon, you know trying to appease my shopping problem, and I saw so many cute plus size outfit ideas. A thought popped into my head to pick out my favorite items, read the reviews and share with all of you!

    If you see something you would like to buy, just use my link and I can earn a commission.

    Without further ado, here is my Amazon Top Plus Size Summer Outfits.

    Floerns Women’s Plus Size Striped Print Wrap V Neck Short Sleeve A Line Dress


    This dress looks perfect for summer. You could wear it with heels for a night on the Town, or pair it with a cute summer hat and some flip flops for a day at the Zoo.

    The reviews claim it is true to size and the size goes up to 4x.

    Floerns Women’s Plus Size Wrap V Neck Short Sleeve Ruffle Hem A Line Short Dress


    I actually have this dress in Pink, and it is wonderful! It is so nice and flowy. It does not hug the belly area, which is a huge plus for me. There is also many color options to choose from, I really need this color.

    The size goes up to 4x and is true to size.

    Nemidor Women’s Casual Loose Pocket Long Dress Short Sleeve Plus Size Slit Maxi Dress


    I love comfortable dresses and this print is so perfect for a beach vacation or camping at the lake.

    I did read that you should size up, if you want it to be flowy and oversized. The sizes go up to 26 and it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

    LANREMON Womens Plus Size Tops Leopard Tunic Tops Crewneck T Shirts Short Sleeve Color Block Blouse


    This top is so cute. It’s lightweight and a soft material. I could see myself pairing this top with my shorts, and sneakers for a nice, quick, and simple summer outfit.

    This top goes to size 26 and there is more colors available.

    HDLTE Plus Size Women Country Music T-Shirt Tennessee Whiskey Strawberry Wine Tee Short Sleeve Drinking Shirt


    In the past, I haven’t had much good luck with finding true to size, plus size graphic T-shirts.

    I am not familiar with this Brand, but there was good reviews. This graphic tee goes up to 4x and seems to be true to size.

    I could see myself wearing this shirt with some flare blue jeans and some boots, and enjoying some outdoor concerts.

    RITERA Plus Size Tops for Women Short Sleeve Shirts V Neck Tshirt Color Block Tunic Summer Casual Blouses XL-5XL


    I was so excited to read all good reviews! I am really digging this Brand, they have some really cute tops.

    The reviews say this top is true to size and it goes up to a size 5xl.

    RITERA Plus Size Tank Tops for Women Color block Shirt V Neck Sleeveless Tunic Casual Summer Cami Shirts Sexy Blouses


    This tank top is adorable! I am absolutely in love with this tank top. They have so many color options and styles to choose from, and they go up to 5x.

    The reviews show that it is good material and true to size, for a tighter fit you may even want to size down.

    RITERA Plus Size Tops for Women Short Sleeve Shirts V Neck Tunics Summer Blouses XL-5XL


    How have I not heard about this brand?? I love anything bright and cheerful, and this top is definitely giving me cheery vibes.

    The reviews say it is true to size, and the colors are just as vivid as in the picture. The size goes up to 5x and there are different colors and styles.

    Rubugil Women’s 2022 Plus Size Dresses Boho Floral Summer Spaghetti Flowy Casual Midi Dress


    I know, it’s another dress, but you gotta love a good summer dress.

    The size goes up to 4x and there are several colors to choose from. All the reviews say true to size and very flowy.

    RITERA Plus Size Tops for Women Casual T-Shirt Short Sleeve Round V Neck Tunic Oversized Shirts XL-5XL


    This V-Neck top would be perfect for a hot, summer day. Pair it with a cute baseball hat, and you have a cute outfit for running errands or dining out with friends.

    This top is true to size and goes up to a 5xl.

    I hope you all enjoyed my Amazon Plus Size Summer finds, leave me a comment if you would like to see more plus size fashion finds!

    This post contains affiliate links.

  • 10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to the Country

    10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to the Country

    Here lately, I’ve noticed a lot of city folk moving to the country.

    I have lived the country life, for most of my life.

    There is so many great things about rural living. Such as, peace and quiet, solitude, and the beauty of nature.

    Yet, I wonder how many of you considering country life, really know what country life intells.

    So, here are my top 10 things you should know before moving to the country.

    1. There are Many Unpleasant Smells

    When you live in the country, you have to factor in the awful smells of rural living.

    There are life stock everywhere, and they don’t smell pretty. We live across the street from a cow feed lot, and let me tell you, the smells are not for the meek. Some mornings my nostrils are filled with the sweet smell of cow manure.

    You also have to be ready for skunks and dead animal smells.

    If you move next to corn fields, or any type of crops, you may want to get your nose ready for crop dusters. Ever wonder why they call toots a crop duster, it’s because it stinks. Although, they are very fun to watch, the smell is horrendous.

    2. Be Prepared to leave early

    We live about 10 to 15 minutes outside of our little town, but to get into the city of Waco, it takes us about 30 to 45 minutes to get there.

    It’s just a common practice for us to leave 30 to 40 minutes early, to make it to appointments on time.

    So, if you’re into leaving your house 5 minutes before an appointment or meeting, country life may not be for you.

    3. No Pizza Delivery

    Where I live, there is not any pizza delivery or grocery delivery services available in our area. So, if you’re use to having everything delivered, you may want to find locations where places deliver.

    We have lived in our home for over 10+ years, and have never had a pizza delivered. Which, is a little sad, because I love pizza and would love for it to be nice and hot when I eat it. Instead, we have to drive about 10 minutes to get the pizza and 10 minutes home, so it’s not freshly hot when we dig into it.

    4. Wifi Sucks

    If you move to an area that is not covered by big name internet companies, then you have to settle with satellite internet. Where I live, satellite internet is our only option.

    It’s not terrible, but if you’re a big time gamer or need really fast internet, satellite wifi may not be for you.

    5. Bugs

    There is no way around it, if you live in the country, there will be bugs.

    Flies, spiders, June bugs, and Ants are just a few of the insects I deal with on a daily basis.

    If you don’t mind a June bug flying at your head, while you watch the beautiful sunset, then country life might be for you.

    6. Creepy crawlers

    Now, I have lived in the country for a very long time, and I still cannot handle spiders! 😫

    Every Spring, here they come, stressing me out. They love to hide in my laundry baskets, so while I’m loading the washer, they can jump at me and give me a heart attack. 😱

    You also have to be prepared for snakes. While, most of them are chicken or grass snakes, you still should be careful of Rattle Snakes and Copperheads. 🐍

    Lastly, there are lots of field mice. If you plan on having land, it’s a good idea to have some cats. Of course, I have lazy cats but they do help with the field mice coming into the house.

    7. Wildlife

    If you have small dogs, like I do, you have to be careful of hawks and owls. They will swoop down and carry off little dogs. I know that sounds terrifying but it does happen.

    While, I do love watching Owls hoot from the trees and watching all the beautiful wildlife you can only get from living in the country, there are animals you have to watch out for.

    If you plan on having Chickens, watch out for Chicken Hawks. I cannot count how many Chickens we lost to Chicken Hawks.

    Another wild animal you have to watch out for are Coyotes. I don’t see them too often, but I can hear them all night howling, so I know they are out there.

    Wild hogs like to root around in fields as well, and they can be pretty dangerous, so stay clear of them.

    Of course, this is for my area in Texas, I’m sure other States have a lot more wildlife to worry about. We have heard rumors of a Mountain Lion roaming around our area, so you never know what’s out there.

    8. Sounds

    If you’re use to hearing Sirens and Traffic to lull you to sleep, country life isn’t for you.

    There is not any traffic noise or sirens but you will get plenty of Crickets serenading you to sleep.

    As I mentioned before, you will here coyotes howling all night long.

    I love all the sounds of the country, but if you don’t like waking up to the sounds of Roosters crowing, you may want to stick to sirens.

    9. Bad Weather

    So, the weather isn’t worse in the country, but when there is bad Weather, you have to be prepared.

    Where I live, we do not hear the Emergency Sirens, so we have to rely on the Weather Announcements and watching the Radar. If we see bad Weather approaching our area, we start preparing for it.

    You also have to prepared to lose internet in any bad weather, so I like to have a radio with batteries, just in case.

    I also like to keep plenty of candles and flashlights on hand for storms. If the electricity goes out in the country, it is dark. There aren’t any street lights or any type of generated lights.

    9. It really is wonderful

    If you can get past all I have mentioned above, country living really is great!

    Sitting on the patio after a long day, watching a cotton candy sky as the sun sets.

    Watching fireflies and an abundance of bright stars, light up the night sky.

    Falling asleep to peace and quiet.

    Picking wild Plums and enjoying nature with my family.

    There are so many things I could share about living in the country, but I think y’all get it.

    If you live in the country, I would love to hear your favorite part of country life or any advice you would give.

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